Worst Parent Award

Anyone want to take a guess as to who this belongs to…


That, my friends, is our almost-two-years-old-Maggie’s tooth. This is one of those parenting stories that Greg and I will put in the book “Worst parenting moments.” In our new home we have stairs leading up to the front door, stairs to the second floor, and stairs up to the roof. Maggie is unable to climb the stairs by herself. This past Sunday, I was on the roof hanging clothes, and Greg was in the kitchen on the first floor. Maggie and Ana were watching TV on the second floor, but apparently Maggie decided she needed to visit Greg. You know what happened next.

I came down from the roof after hearing an awful cry (I thought Ana had hit her sister). Greg was holding our little girl with blood streaming down her face in one arm, and in his other hand he held that little tooth. My heart sunk, and the tears immediately filled my own eyes. I immediately thought, “How foolish am I!” I should not have left her alone. Apparently Greg was thinking the same thing about himself. He told me, “No, Megan, it is my fault. I should have installed the baby gate by now.” We both felt terrible. Maggie lost a bottom baby tooth, and put a large gash on the inside of her top lip. Greg took her to Judith, and luckily, she didn’t need stitches.

Today, she gets to take her first trip to the dentist. Believe it or not, part of her little tooth is still inside her socket. Greg takes her this afternoon. I have no idea what they will have to do to remove it. (Jeannie?)

Here is the new baby gate (installed very quickly after this accident):


Maggie is a tough little rascal. One of our interns commented that she needs to be a soccer player. 🙂 You see, this was actually the second time she had fallen (how embarrassing is that for a parent!). But with this accident, she had her cry, and it was like nothing happened. With a large gash in her top lip and an empty tooth socket, she ate normally and acted fine. Bless her heart. Here she is with her missing tooth, swollen lip (but not as swollen because I took this picture yesterday), and sweet little brother.


Maggie Kate, I am so sorry. I rightfully accept the worst parent award for my actions this week. Friends reading this, is it too early for the tooth fairy to make a visit?

Worst Parent Award

Pouring Out

Just recently I have felt really discouraged in serveral of the relationships I have developed here. It was really hard to keep up with many of them during my pregnancy with Cohen (I was so tired), but that was cake compared to now when I am juggling three kids. I realize that my main ministry is to be a mom and take care of our household, but I still want to do my part of being available to others and evangelize with the gifts God has given me. After a discussion with Greg about my frustration, he encouraged me to focus on the relationships I have now. There are three main relationships that I would love to see grow into something more.

I feel like I am always tired. It is so much harder to get away from the house with a toddler still in diapers and an infant that eats every 3 hours. But I still go. I still try. I feel like I am pouring myself out, and nothing is happening. That is such a frustrating feeling. Over the last month, I have been turned down by one friend 2 different times (after she told me she would be sure to meet me), I have lost touch with a friend that hid her pregnancy from me (I still haven’t figured out the cultural implications of this and if I should take it personally), and I have been ignored by a friend that is a fellow Christian that I thought I had connected to. All of this just in simple words… stinks.

I realize that time is crucial for developing any relationship, and right now in this stage of the game, I just don’t have it. But what should I do? God can move mountains. God’s spirit lives within me. His power can do anything. That is what I am clinging to. When I was in Theatron at Harding, there was a skit performed that taught that God wants our availability. I never forgot that lesson. And honestly, it is all I can do now to feel like I am doing anything in this mission field. I am not available too often, but when I am I pray that the Spirit pushes me to act.

If you read my ramblings, please pray for these three relationships in my life, and for a new chapter of my spiritual walk that I am learning more about.

Pouring Out

Happy Father’s Day, Greg!

Dear Greg, the lateness of this post is definitely a reflection of what is going on around here. You are now a daddy to 3 children, and every single person that warned us of the 2 on 3 scenario was EXACTLY RIGHT. These first 2 months with Cohen in the mix have been so hard, but this last week we have reached what seems to be our new “normal.” I have been so proud of you in how you have handled everything that has brought us to this point (and you know all that that includes). Thank you for loving me despite all my tired days, but more than anything, thank you for loving our children. I love to hear you say that our daughters are the most beautiful girls you have seen. I love to hear you say that you can’t believe how sweet our little boy is. You are a wonderful father. I love you, and Happy Father’s Day! I will document this father’s day with these sweet pictures of you and our “boy.”





I want to be just like my daddy when I grow up.


Happy Father’s Day, Greg!

CT—2 months

Cohen Timothy, I am absolutely in love with you. You are the most precious little boy, and I am loving being your momma. At 2 months, you smile and coo a little. You have started to sleep longer stretches at night. You sleep in your carrier in my room because I am still too lazy to get up that many times in the night. Your carrier makes an excellent bed because you are always stopped up (just like your sisters were). You are eating every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I can already tell what your “hungry cry” sounds like. Ana calls you “bud” (she has heard me say this too many times). Maggie still calls you “Bahbees.” You love your paci, still nap quite a bit during the day, and seem to be over the “colic” fits. Here you are at 2 months. Your little legs are chunkin’ up, your face is getting rounder, and your Daddy and I don’t think you could be any sweeter.






CT—2 months

Cohen is the first…

I would leave Greg with Ana and Maggie. They NEVER would take a bottle. One time I left Ana overnight with Greg. She cried and cried until she finally took some of the milk off of a spoon. This is the big time folks. I am no longer bound to the 3-hour increments. 🙂

I left Cohen at home while I went to the library event today. I came home to hear no crying and this bottle. Thank you Cohen!

Cohen is the first…

A Walk In the Park

What has 3 kids done to me? It has put me way behind on blogging. Because of moving to a new house, a retreat, visitors, interns, and adjusting to our growing family, I just have not had the time to blog that I would like. But things are settling down, and I am getting my game on again.

Friday is our family day, and we usually try to do something special. Whether it is baking cookies or eating out, we usually try to save it for our “special day.” Today we decided to take a family walk to the park that is closest to us. I am going to have to say that it is one of the prettiest parks I have seen here in Arequipa. With the kids, Ana on her 3-wheeler, Mags in the backpack, and Cohen in the stroller, it took us about 15 minutes to get there. We had a leisurely walk around the park, visited the llamas (how many parks have you been to with llamas?), and headed home. For the record, I deem Arequipa one of the “least friendly stroller cities.” I got my workout lifting Cohen up and down steps. Good thing he is so light… for now.

Here is the crew (minus me). Aren’t we a sight?!


This was my view the whole walk. I adore my family, and I have to put family time way up on the list of my favorite things in the world.


Ana seeing how close she could get to the llama. They are on chains, but this one was not too excited about our daring daughter. We had a lesson on what it means when the llamas ears go down.


Maggie getting a good look.


One just doesn’t see big areas of trees like this in Arequipa.


A Walk In the Park


We grieve tonight with Manuela and her family. Her father passed away this evening after suffering from several complications over the past week in the hospital.

Tonight, when it was time to say a prayer with the girls, I explained that Manuela’s daddy died, and that she is very sad. I have talked with Ana before about death. She doesn’t quite get it, but tonight she said one of the sweetest prayers I have ever heard. It is the first time she has made me cry when praying…

Thank you God (she always starts her prayer this way) for Manuela’s dad dying. (She tends to say thank you for the good things and bad things so in my head I was correcting her with “oh, she means ‘God we are sorry for Manuela’s dad dying…'”) Now he can see Jesus and be with him. He can be strong like us. He can play with his kids and eat. He can be with you and be happy. Thank you God that he never has to die again.

I was speechless. Isn’t heaven going to be wonderful?! Everything will be made right. We will be strong and happy and never have to die again. All I could think was “only from the mouths of babes.” Thank you, precious Ana, for reminding your momma of what heaven is like.