Happy Father’s Day, Greg!

Dear Greg, the lateness of this post is definitely a reflection of what is going on around here. You are now a daddy to 3 children, and every single person that warned us of the 2 on 3 scenario was EXACTLY RIGHT. These first 2 months with Cohen in the mix have been so hard, but this last week we have reached what seems to be our new “normal.” I have been so proud of you in how you have handled everything that has brought us to this point (and you know all that that includes). Thank you for loving me despite all my tired days, but more than anything, thank you for loving our children. I love to hear you say that our daughters are the most beautiful girls you have seen. I love to hear you say that you can’t believe how sweet our little boy is. You are a wonderful father. I love you, and Happy Father’s Day! I will document this father’s day with these sweet pictures of you and our “boy.”





I want to be just like my daddy when I grow up.


Happy Father’s Day, Greg!

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