A Walk In the Park

What has 3 kids done to me? It has put me way behind on blogging. Because of moving to a new house, a retreat, visitors, interns, and adjusting to our growing family, I just have not had the time to blog that I would like. But things are settling down, and I am getting my game on again.

Friday is our family day, and we usually try to do something special. Whether it is baking cookies or eating out, we usually try to save it for our “special day.” Today we decided to take a family walk to the park that is closest to us. I am going to have to say that it is one of the prettiest parks I have seen here in Arequipa. With the kids, Ana on her 3-wheeler, Mags in the backpack, and Cohen in the stroller, it took us about 15 minutes to get there. We had a leisurely walk around the park, visited the llamas (how many parks have you been to with llamas?), and headed home. For the record, I deem Arequipa one of the “least friendly stroller cities.” I got my workout lifting Cohen up and down steps. Good thing he is so light… for now.

Here is the crew (minus me). Aren’t we a sight?!


This was my view the whole walk. I adore my family, and I have to put family time way up on the list of my favorite things in the world.


Ana seeing how close she could get to the llama. They are on chains, but this one was not too excited about our daring daughter. We had a lesson on what it means when the llamas ears go down.


Maggie getting a good look.


One just doesn’t see big areas of trees like this in Arequipa.


A Walk In the Park

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