Reentry: Post 2

A lot has happened that I want to take the time to write about: our celebration Sunday welcoming back our family and the Smiths, how the kids have been dealing with our return, how Greg and I are processing this time. But today, in the midst of my ongoing “look for a job, call and email lots of different people” saga, I wanted to share a story that spoke to my heart the other day.

Cohen has asked me more than once when we are going to go back to our house. I know from questioning him that he is referring to our home in Peru. It is weird for them, because they left before Greg and I sold e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. out of that house. The picture in their mind is just how they left it, everything still in its place. He is also really funny when he asks, “Are we going to stay here forever?” It’s been weird living in a place like visitors for so long. But on one afternoon walk, I explained to him that we would be moving later this year to a completely brand new place, and we would live in our own apartment or house. He thought it was really neat that we would have our own house again.

This week has kind of been a big week for us. I am applying for many different jobs: writing cover letters, answering supplemental questions, scanning and uploading documents. But the other thing is that we will learn whether or not we make it into Fuller housing this week. We have been on the waiting list since this past fall, and the word was that we would find out the first week of May. Fuller housing would be so convenient for us since we only have one car right now. Greg would be on campus, and I could use our car to commute to my job (that I hope to have). It’s also cheaper than the surrounding apartments that we have looked at renting. We really want to hear the news that we got in. It would also be one less headache for us to worry over if we just knew where we were living. But…

We may not get into Fuller housing. It might be one more headache to worry over. It might be one more thing that I have to… have faith that God will provide. The story I want to share is a story that features Cohen praying. On this past Monday, he said the prayer before our lunch and he also prayed before our dinner. He thanks God for everyone sitting around the table. He thanks God for his bicycle and his school, but this past Monday he added something new. And I don’t even think he is aware that this is the week we find out.

“God, thank you for our new house.” There it is. So simple, but so beautiful to this momma’s heart. Cohen knows that we will move to a new house. There is no doubt in his mind that we will move to a new house. What is his attitude? He has never seen this house, but he is already thanking God for it.

Faith like a child. I want to be like Cohen when I grow up. I want to be thankful for my new house.

Reentry: Post 2