Worst Parent Award

Anyone want to take a guess as to who this belongs to…


That, my friends, is our almost-two-years-old-Maggie’s tooth. This is one of those parenting stories that Greg and I will put in the book “Worst parenting moments.” In our new home we have stairs leading up to the front door, stairs to the second floor, and stairs up to the roof. Maggie is unable to climb the stairs by herself. This past Sunday, I was on the roof hanging clothes, and Greg was in the kitchen on the first floor. Maggie and Ana were watching TV on the second floor, but apparently Maggie decided she needed to visit Greg. You know what happened next.

I came down from the roof after hearing an awful cry (I thought Ana had hit her sister). Greg was holding our little girl with blood streaming down her face in one arm, and in his other hand he held that little tooth. My heart sunk, and the tears immediately filled my own eyes. I immediately thought, “How foolish am I!” I should not have left her alone. Apparently Greg was thinking the same thing about himself. He told me, “No, Megan, it is my fault. I should have installed the baby gate by now.” We both felt terrible. Maggie lost a bottom baby tooth, and put a large gash on the inside of her top lip. Greg took her to Judith, and luckily, she didn’t need stitches.

Today, she gets to take her first trip to the dentist. Believe it or not, part of her little tooth is still inside her socket. Greg takes her this afternoon. I have no idea what they will have to do to remove it. (Jeannie?)

Here is the new baby gate (installed very quickly after this accident):


Maggie is a tough little rascal. One of our interns commented that she needs to be a soccer player. 🙂 You see, this was actually the second time she had fallen (how embarrassing is that for a parent!). But with this accident, she had her cry, and it was like nothing happened. With a large gash in her top lip and an empty tooth socket, she ate normally and acted fine. Bless her heart. Here she is with her missing tooth, swollen lip (but not as swollen because I took this picture yesterday), and sweet little brother.


Maggie Kate, I am so sorry. I rightfully accept the worst parent award for my actions this week. Friends reading this, is it too early for the tooth fairy to make a visit?

Worst Parent Award

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