We grieve tonight with Manuela and her family. Her father passed away this evening after suffering from several complications over the past week in the hospital.

Tonight, when it was time to say a prayer with the girls, I explained that Manuela’s daddy died, and that she is very sad. I have talked with Ana before about death. She doesn’t quite get it, but tonight she said one of the sweetest prayers I have ever heard. It is the first time she has made me cry when praying…

Thank you God (she always starts her prayer this way) for Manuela’s dad dying. (She tends to say thank you for the good things and bad things so in my head I was correcting her with “oh, she means ‘God we are sorry for Manuela’s dad dying…'”) Now he can see Jesus and be with him. He can be strong like us. He can play with his kids and eat. He can be with you and be happy. Thank you God that he never has to die again.

I was speechless. Isn’t heaven going to be wonderful?! Everything will be made right. We will be strong and happy and never have to die again. All I could think was “only from the mouths of babes.” Thank you, precious Ana, for reminding your momma of what heaven is like.


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