A “McKinzie 3” Update

they think they are so funny

I feel like I haven't done a good job with documenting things the kids are doing.  We have had a busy January, but I put my foot down this full week of February and decided that I would jot down some things about each child.  They are growing and changing so quickly.  School will start the first of March, so I don't have much longer with all three in the house all day…

Ana Banana

she turns 6 next month, so hard to believe

I really can't believe this girl right now.  She is our long-legged girl.  🙂  She just seems so incredibly grown-up some times.  Honestly, she is forced into the grown-up part many days.  She helps me so much with her younger siblings.  Whether it is getting Maggie dressed in the morning, pouring Cohen's milk for him, or straightening up their play areas, she is my little “Momma 2.”

Some things to note about Ana:

1. She is taking swim lessons this month for 50 soles, 3 days a week at the Olympic-size indoor pool in our district.  She has had a blast taking the lessons with her two gringa friends, Shaye and Bailey.

2. She requested to get her hair cut to her chin.  Ana has the thickest hair, and she has decided that it is easier for her to manage when it is shorter.

3. She is super independent.  We love it, but it sometimes gets her in trouble.  One morning, she decided to make everyone cinnamon toast before we got up.  This means she used the toaster oven by herself.  To make a long story short, I woke up to the smell of burnt toast, and she received a very stern warning to never operate the oven alone… ever.

4. She has been learning ancient Greek with her Daddy on specific nights of the week.  She loves spending that time with Greg.  I have been working a lot with her on sight words.  This school year, we will be having a disciplined schedule for her to learn to write and read English well.

5.  She starts 1st grade in less than a month.  We are enrolling the girls in a new school two doors down from us.  It will be so much easier for us to drop off and pick up, but this is the first year that Ana is old enough to tell me she doesn't want to change.  She tells me that her friends are at the other school.  This girl has no idea how used to change she will be when her elementary years are all said and done.

Maggie Moo

Oh, Maggie.  She has grown so much in the last few months.  What is fun to see is how much she enjoys hanging out with her sister.  They fight like sisters as well, but it is neat to see them make-believe with each other.  I think “Momma and Baby” is the most popular game between the two of them.  Maggie's little personality is so different than Ana's, and it is really showing out these days. To sum Maggie up in two words: clown and stubborn.  🙂

1. Maggie was going to take swim lessons but got scared the first day.  I didn't push too hard.  She was the smallest out there, and there is one teacher to about 15 kids.  She has decided to take lessons with Cora next year.

2. Maggie has been eating like a horse lately!  She is our petite child, but I do believe there might be a growth spurt going on.  She is so funny when she is eating something she likes.  She will say, “Thank you, Momma.  This is soooooo good. Ummm.”  She has a little bit of the “What About Bob” factor going on.

3. The girl is a clown!  She loves to make people laugh, and she really does have a knack for being funny.  She gets a kick out of getting laughs, and those laughs only fuel the fire.

4. She was playing with the Fisher Price animals above, and she said, “Momma, these are the Peruvian Wonderpets!”  I thought that was so clever since the animals are a llama, chicken, and rabbit.  Ha!

5. She calls her “Baba” (what she has called her blanket since she could make the sound) her “Bobby.”  I have no clue why she changed the name.

6.  Maggie LOVES playing with the dollhouse right now.  She plays by herself and pretends with different voices way more than her older sister ever has.  We have loved seeing this part of Maggie develop.  Greg thinks it might be the introvert in her.

The Cohenator

He is my precious boy and he is SOOOO big.  I just can't believe it.  He is wearing a lot of 3T clothes (which is Maggie's size by the way), and he just walks around the house like a little boy.  He is not my baby anymore.  He reminds me of Greg sometimes, but more often than that, he reminds me of my brothers.  He is almost like a little Collin.

1. He is talking more and more.  He jabbers a ton, but he will try and repeat things that we ask him to.  My absolute favorite “conversation” with him happened last week.  I was holding him in the kitchen.  He jabbered away at me like he was telling me all about it, he pointed to the tea kettle (which is obviously what he was talking so much about), and all of a sudden he makes a high pitch squeal.  He was imitating the tea kettle from the day before.  I thought he was so clever!

Some new words: he is now calling Manuela, “Lehlah;” “tock” for truck; Awesome (thanks to Jeremy Daggett); “Nigh, Nigh” for Night Night.

2. He is really funny right now with Shaye's name.  Whenever he is in the depths of despair, he will just moan and say, “Shayyyyyyyye.”  (That is our teammates' oldest daughter.)

3.  When he is really tired, he will look at us and say in a very pitiful voice, “Ooo, Ooo, Ahh, Ahh.”  That is the signal that he wants his monkey (who he sleeps with every night).

4.  For the entire month of January he slept in his pack-n-play in Ana and Maggie's room.  He did great.  So great that when I moved him back to his room after the Daggetts left, he did not like it one bit.  I guess we can rent a house with one room for the kids now if we need to. 🙂

5. He has such a thing for my pots and pot tops in the kitchen.

6.  He has started whacking his sisters when he doesn't like something they are doing.  They will tell on him, and I ask him to give them a hug.  He hugs and kisses on them very well.  He is a swooner, that kid.

7.  He loves pointing out trucks to me outside.  And he loves playing with anything with wheels inside (including the baby stroller).  His new sound is “Vroom, vroom.”

Well, there you have it.  A little update-a-roo.  We love our little ones.  The time has flown here, and when the time flies, the kids grow up so fast.

Can you make up a good caption for this photo?
A “McKinzie 3” Update

CT—20 months

having a blast in the park

For your second Christmas, you will be twenty months old.  You are so BIG.  How did you turn into a little boy so quickly?!  Let’s see…

  1. You are repeating so much right now.  If you “want to,” you will repeat just about any word we ask you to try.  And you are really close a lot of the time.  My favorite words you are saying in English are “He-suh” (Jesus) and “Aw-way-wu-wa” (Alleluyah).  In Spanish, you are saying “Coma” (which means “eat”) a lot.  Manuela tells you this when you are with her, and you have certainly picked it up.  We give you your food, and as you are eating… “Coma, coma, coma.”  So cute.
  2. Your little run is as cute as can be.  You love playing chase with Ana upstairs.  You will run from your room all the way to the end of the playroom area.
  3. You are my market side kick since you started taking your one nap of the day later (you go down around 11 and wake up at 2:00).  Adela loves your visits every Monday morning, and you have gotten really good at walking over to Franco with me.  There is a restaurant with a big patch of green grass (which we don’t see a lot of here) that we pass.  You ALWAYS have to walk on the grass when we pass there.
  4. You have a thing for holding money right now.  You know I have my change purse with me in the taxi when we go somewhere.  You will fuss and fuss until I give you a coin to hold, and then you are completely content.  I guess you are big stuff when you hold the moolah.
  5. You still love dogs and cats.
  6. You run over to the computer when you hear the Skype dial tone.  You love talking to family and friends when they call on Skype.
  7. You take a bath almost every night.  If I say the word bath, you immediately say “Baaa” and run over to the steps to go over and take one.  Maggie is your bath time buddy.  You are an absolute pro at getting water ALL over the floor.
  8.  I forgot this above.  When you want more, you say “Mow.”
  9. You answer all questions (even when the answer is “yes”) with shaking your head no and saying “Nawoh.”
  10. I wish we had a yard.  You LOVE playing outside.  We took you to the park this past month, and it was the first time you could do so many things and enjoy it.  You are such a boy.
so tall
such a male. dominating the recliner with a remote in hand.
the night of your big sister’s kindergarten promotion
still such a momma’s boy
about the same size as your 3.5 year old sister


CT—20 months

CT—19 months

Cohen, I forgot my camera cord at Pop and Gram's so I am using one of my favorite pictures of you from the states.  I cannot get over how old you are getting!  Here is why…

1.  Your little personality is really coming out now.  You are full of laughter and play.  You love to run like we are chasing you (even when we aren't).  You are sneaky, and you get such a kick out of making us laugh.

2.  You climb the stairs.  Apparently living in Pop and Gram's house helped you to master that milestone very quickly.

3.  You have started communicating so much better.  You weren't much for signing all this time, but now you sign “All Done,” “Please,” and “More.”  You are even attempting to say them at times.

4.  Daddy taught you to say “Yes sir.”  It comes out, “Si, Ya.”  In Spanish, that means “Yes, Ok already.”  We think that is kind of funny.

5.  You love waving good-bye to people.  You say “Bye” but your preference is the Spanish “Chau.”

6.  You love going out.  You cry when your sisters leave for school in the morning.  You absolutely hate to be left behind.  When you do get to go out, we ask you, “Are you ready to go Chau?”  You immediately head for the door when we say that.

7.  One thing that we love about you right now is your kissing.  Yes, that is correct.  I said “kissing.”  We ask you to give someone a kiss, and you pucker your lips and only plant that kiss on the person's lips.  Anywhere else seems to be unacceptable.  You have this game right now where I let you kiss your sisters and your Daddy before bed.  After you are done, I ask you to kiss me.  You shake your head “no” and laugh like you are the funniest thing.

8.  You love playing with kitchen stuff right now.  That includes the real stuff in my kitchen, which you are still learning to not touch.

9.  You have a thing for throwing things in the garbage.

10.  You take one nap.  It is usually around 11 am and you sleep for 3 hours.  You are the BEST when it comes to going to bed.  You go to sleep at 7 am, no problem.  You sleep for 12 hours.

11.  Sometimes you need quiet time.  You will get fussy, we take you to your room and put you in the bed with your books, you are perfectly content for 30-45 minutes.  We know you are ready to come out when we start hearing your books being thrown out of the bed.

12.  You LOVE dogs.  If you see one outside or on TV, you flip out.

13.  Daddy took you to get your haircut yesterday.  This is an important note because the last time I took you, you had NO hair.  Literally.  You look so handsome with your little boy haircut now.

14.  You play really well with your sisters.  That is such a blessing.  It is also how I know that you growing up so fast.  You are quickly turning into a little boy.

Love you!  Here is one last pic of you with your sisters.  They love you so much, and I love how Lane (my cousin) captured this moment…

CT—19 months

CT—18 months

That is a year and a half people!  Cohen, you are making that turn where you go from being a baby to a little boy.  And boy do I think you are cute.  We are in our last 2 weeks of furlough.  You have been a pistol and you have been a joy.  You have certainly tested my parenting skills in the last month as a little boy.  I thought I had this parenting thing down, and then you came along with every stereotypical description of boys.  Here are some things to remember about you in this stage:

1.  You throw tantrums by throwing things.  This is new for me.  You take out your anger by throwing objects across the room.  This can be dangerous for those around you.

2.  You are learning the warning of “1,2,… 3,” and the consequence for not listening.

3.  Sometimes when we say your name to get on to you, you go ahead and smack your own hand to reprimand yourself.

4.  You have started walking up to a group of people or just one person and saying “HI” in a high-pitched voice just like I say it.  🙂

5.  You love animals.  You have no fear of animals.  You are loving being around Zeus (Aunt Katy’s dog) and the cows at Pop and Gram’s.  You really enjoyed feeding the goats at the pumpkin patch the other day.

6.  You are down to one nap a day, and it is a long one.

7.  You weigh as much as Maggie (around 30 pounds).

8.  You have started pushing cars and trucks and tractors around and making the noises for them. You are also perfectly content with pots and pans from the kitchen or taking out a whole stash of DVD’s from their cases.

9.  You taught yourself how to come down the steps backwards.

10.  You are eating very well with utensils.  I feed you a bowl of cereal with milk and a spoon in the mornings and you do great.

CT—18 months

CT—16 months

I am getting this post in before the week gets away from me.  We will be in the Lima airport awaiting our flight to the US one week from NOW.  Cohen, here are a few new things about you, little one:

1.  You love to fist bump. Tonight, you actually blew a kiss that ended in a fist bump.  I thought that was pretty manly of you.

2.  “Hola!” is still your word. And you know exactly when to say it.  I need to get you on camera when you wave.  It always makes me laugh.

3.  You dance.  You are an Arequipeño after all.  We went to Jose Luis and Miriam’s wedding.  It was late, and you were half out-of-it sitting with Daddy.  At around 9:30 pm, you decided to get up, walk out to the middel of the empty dance floor, and show every your moves.  You like to bounce up and down bending your legs, you like flap your arms in the air really fast, and you like to turn in circles.  It didn’t take long before the bride picked you up and then later, Jose Luis.

4.  I was Skyping tonight and heard you in the kitchen.  I stopped my session, walked in the kitchen, and found that you had discovered my big oatmeal container.  You had dumped it all over your head and into the floor.  When I say that you are a mess.  I mean it with all my heart.

5.  You LOVE bath time (when they don’t turn off our water).  I say, “you want to go to the bath?” and there you go walking straight to the bathroom.  You know. You are full of personality, and that has certainly come through this month.  I am loving it, but you are most definitely… ALL BOY!

You have loved mandarin orange season this month.
a place to lay your head, your paci, and your monkey make for a quiet, still Cohen
dancing is a new thing for you this month
CT—16 months

CT—15 going on 16 months

I hate when I miss the month on the mark, but with child #3 and busyness, it happens. Cohen went through a period while the interns were here of having really whiney periods in the day. When some teeth finally pushed through, he was fine. He has been so much fun lately. Cohen, I want to record some things to remember about you before we leave for furlough…

1. You learned how to open the gate on your bed. You learned the hard way, as in “hard” floor. So I pushed you babybed against your closet (the only place I could) so that you won’t fall out. The plus is that you stay in the bed. The negative is that we get to wake up every morning to you banging your closet doors open and close.

2. I have taken you to get your hair cut THREE times. It seems to grow so fast, and it has the thickness of Ana’s hair. You HATE it. I hold you down on my chest and pray to God that the hairdresser doesn’t cut your head. This last time that we went, I told the lady to cut it short. She asked, “Cero?” I responded yes, and learned that “cero” means “no hair.” Maggie looked at you and told me, “Momma, I don’t like Cohen’s hair. He doesn’t have any hair.” Also, this haircut was Maggie’s first visit for her haircut. She was scared to death to have her hair cut after you went with all your dramatic effects.

3. You play independently so well. If there is something for you to get into, explore, empty, you will entertain yourself. It certainly keeps us on our toes. I will work upstairs, close off the bathroom doors and my bedroom door, and you will entertain yourself a good 45 minutes. It buys me time even if I have to clean up a big mess after you. 🙂

4. You have a new found love for climbing the steps. I allow you to climb them when I am behind you, but those baby gates are greatly needed. You haven’t figured out how to come down yet.

5. You can now climb up on the couch. But you still don’t know how to come down.

6. Your new word right now is “Hola!” You say it to everyone we pass if you think you are supposed to. You also wave using the “mas o menos” hand motion. I will see you waving when someone across the store catches your eye. You are quite social in this regard.

7. You LOVE
“Ella.” She takes care of you every Thursday when I am doing the library work, and you go to her with no problem. It is not uncommon to hear you calling for Manuela from your bedroom after a nap if you think she will come get you (even though she might not even be in the house).

8. You love to say “Uh-Ohhh.” We smack your hand when you throw your food off the tray or launch your cup across the floor.

9. You are so sweet. You pat the baby dolls or stuffed animals, and when you want to “give us a hug” you walk over and lay your head down on our lap. It is so sweet. You will lie your head on my shoulder and pat my back. Sweetest moments right there.

10. You have this terrible habit of scratching your back and front around the collar when you are mad, tired, or frustrated. I am unsure how to cure you of that one.

11. You blow kisses with the best of them. When you are ready for bed, you blow a kiss to communicate it.

12. You are so tall! I need to take you to the doctor soon to see just how much you weigh. You are a load to carry around.

13. You have discovered how to stick out your tongue and make a funny sound. You also love to play peek-a-boo. You place your hands in your eyes, and say, “Bee-bye!” You also love to applaud and dance.

pre-haircut. You can eat your weight in strawberries, watermelon, and mandarin oranges.
you love being “part of the gang”
You love playing in the ball pit at City Toys
you have no issues with climbing through tunnels
Yes, you would think it would be the other way around, but I think you might outweigh your sister.
“My-Bowl!” This is a new favorite word of yours for “ball.”
you LOVE bath time. And washing your hair is nothing now! 😉
you love talking on your phone. “Hola!”
what you do best: getting into things (ex. my pantry) that you aren’t supposed to
CT—15 going on 16 months

CT—14 months

I missed the actual day for good reason.  Life is a little crazy around here.  Our seven interns have been here for almost 2 weeks, and we have been hosting the solar panel campaign.  It has been a blast, but the whirlwind hasn’t slowed down.  I have a minute tonight to record some things about my sweet boy.  Well, “sweet” might not be the best word for this month.  Cohen has been, as the Peruvians say, “inquieto” the last two weeks.  He is so whiney, but it only seems like it is when he feels threatened that someone will take him from me.  He has (another Peruism) “Mamitis.”  If he sees me, hears me, or thinks I am around, he will whine until he gets me.  Greg also noticed that he seems to be cutting all four of his top teeth (he still only has two bottom teeth).  I will cut him some slack if that is the case.  I can’t complain too much.  He is still a pretty great baby when I take a step back and see all that he deals with in our crazy schedule.

So, here are some memories to record:

1.  He took 2 steps about a month ago… to Manuela.  He seemed to have forgotten, and only in the last week has he acted interested at various times.  He is in NO hurry.  This morning he swiveled and took three steps to me.  Tonight he took about 5 steps to me.  He can walk, but it doesn’t seem like something to celebrate until he walks like he means it!  🙂

2.  He babbles like crazy right now.  He talks a lot to Manuela.  My library work day is Thursday, and she keeps him the majority of the day.  He definitely knows who she is.  He calls her “Ella” or “Mamella.”  He loves to call her name out to see if she answers (even on days she isn’t here).  She will walk in the door and he will start babbling away and point some direction like he is showing her something.  It is pretty cute.

3.  He has some important names down:  Momma (“Momma”), Ana (“Nana”), Maggie (“Mowmee”) and Daddy (“Dadee”).

4.  He sleeps 12 hours at night.  Awesome.  Can’t complain there.

5.  He generally takes 2 naps, but if his morning schedule is abnormal, he won’t sleep in the afternoon.  This just means that we put up with a cranky baby until an early bedtime, and he will usually sleep more than 12 hours.

6.  He LOVES granadia (we call it snot fruit).

7.  He has started pretending on cell phones (it is amazing how quickly they pick up on that).

8.  He is a thick little boy.  I definitely don’t hurt for a workout when I carry him up and down our steps.

Here are some photos taken recently by on of our interns, Ann.  Thanks for taking some sweet photos of my little boy, Ann.

I was excited to see Andrea Abrahams here. Cohen, the momma's boy, is typically situated on my hip like this.
CT—14 months

CT—13 months

This is definitely a little late, but I wanted to get a snapshot of Cohen in this month.  I will keep it short…

still not walking, but seems to be so close.  He loves to cruise, and he has just started standing alone for short times.  He is strong enough to walk, but doesn’t seem to be too interested.

He calls out for “Nana.”  Ana loves that he says her name.

All of my kids are a “momma’s baby,” but Cohen has been the most affectionate toward Greg at this age.  He says, “Da-dee.”

In this month Cohen had his first trip to the US.  He was his momma’s lap child for the entire trip. I hope to never do that again.  🙂  But on this trip he met two great-grandmothers.  That is impressive if you ask me.

One of my FAVORITE things he started doing this month happens in the morning.  I usually wake up to his little voice calling from his crib, “Momma-Da-dee.  Momma, Momma, MoMAH, DaDEE!”  It is quite precious.

Here are some shots of Cohen from earlier this month when we visited the US and this evening:

Cohen with his Great-Granddad and Great-Granny. I LOVE that my Granny is looking up at her great-grandson in this photo.
It is not everyday that you get a four-generation picture. We met with Great-Grandmother before heading to the airport on the way home.

CT—13 months

CT—1 Year Old

he is so handsome… just like his daddy.

Cohen Timothy, you have crossed the one year hurdle.  I will have to say that you have grown so much in just the last month.  I have tried to keep track of all of your accomplishments.  You aren’t walking yet, but you are definitely more interested.  Here is all that you are doing…

1.  You like to walk with help.  You cruise everywhere.  We have caught you cruising along the couch and turning to walk over to the table.  You are so frustrated that you can’t do it.  You also love to push things around to help with the walking process… Chairs, the coffee table, the girls’ play kitchen.  You are a hoot to watch, and you are so proud of yourself when you find something to push.  I really don’t think it will be long.

he loves to cruise

2.  Diaper changes are next to impossible sometimes.  I used to wonder why all the public restroom changing tables needed those security belts–Ana and Maggie never had issues squirming on the changing table.  You, on the other hand, are a completely different story.  And you are strong.  You don’t like to be on your back for long, for sure.  We have had many wrestling matches.  For now, I always get the pen.

3.  Your communication has taken off this month.  I read in my baby bulletin that your age can understand a lot.  It is true with you.  You love saying “Mama” (that is definitely your favorite word), but you also say “Dada,” “Nana” (Ana), “ahh-duh” (all done), and “yah” (yes).  You will sign for milk, all done, and more.  We will ask you a yes or no question and you will either respond with “yah” or just look at us.  I will say, “Go get your drink,” and you will crawl over to wherever your cup it laying.

4.  You love to applaud yourself and others.  If we are ever clapping during a song, you clap right along with us.  When we sing, you will hold out a long “ahhhh” like you are trying to sing with us.

he loves to applaud (when he does something correctly, when he hears music)

5.  One of the CUTEST things you are doing right now is blowing kisses.  You place your hand on your mouth and loudly make a kissing sound, and then you throw it.  It is definitely a crowd pleaser.  You also wave good-bye and night-night with your hand like you are doing a chomp motion.

6.  One of your favorite rooms in the house is the bathroom.  We try to keep toilet lids closed and bathroom doors closed, but with a three-year-old, things happen.  You especially enjoy swirling your hand down in the toilet water… yuck.  And I have found a few objects you have thrown in the toilet.  Again, something your sisters NEVER did.  Your second favorite place is my kitchen.  You love to open all the drawers, empty the cups out of the cabinets, and take all my canned goods off the shelf.  You are easily entertained when I need to cook, but the kitchen floor is a mess when we are done!

7.  A new favorite breakfast food is cornflakes with milk.  I put the cereal in a bowl and let it start the “soggy” process, and then I put it on your tray.  You love it.

8.  You got your first haircut.  You are sooooo handsome with your new cut.  It is amazing to me how cutting a baby’s hair makes him look like a little boy.  We went to Liliana’s to have it done, and you were not a fan.  at.all.

before (you didn’t have a clue what was going on)

8.  You weaned yourself at the beginning of 11 months.  You seemed to be having teething problems, and I tried to nurse you (which ALWAYS comforted your sisters) but you would have nothing to do with it.  You completely stopped, and we started giving you cow’s milk.  There has been no regrets and no turning back since then.

9.  You had your first major fall last this week.  Sister #1 thought she was “closing” the gate on your bed.  I layed you down for a nap and you started crying (normal for some naps).  I waited about 15 minutes, went up to check on you, and found you in the floor.  You had a huge lump on your forehead and a bloody nose!  You lived through it, and so did your sister.  😉

10.  You love to cuddle, whether it be with Daddy or me.  You burrow your head into our shoulder and just stay there for a moment.  If I have been away for the morning, I come home and can tell you have missed me.  You say, “Mama!” and immediately crawl over to me, put your arms up to be held, and snuggle into my shoulder like you are giving me a hug.

11.  You are definitely attached to your “Monkey.”  When we give it to you and you are tired, you hold it real close to your face and lay your head down.  You also are very attached to your pacifier.

For your birthday this year, Momma made a cake on the actual day.  It was Thursday and we have a Bible study with Etelvina, Tania and Roxy, and Areli.  They didn’t mind getting in on your cake action.  You gobbled that spice cake with butter cream icing like there was no tomorrow.  Your sisters loved helping me put your chocolate candies on the cake to make a “1.”

the cake for the actual birthday. We shared with the Bible study group that night.

You also really love the dump truck that Areli got you for your birthday.  I can’t say that we are a fan of the music, but it makes us happy that you have a toy of your very own.

your new dump truck

We really didn’t have a good evening to host a big shindig.  I wanted to have a big party for you, but your one-year birthday coincided with Momma’s launch of the library program.  Sorry third child.  We ended up feeding the church for our April Celebration Meeting.  We ate Gourmet hot dogs with all the fixin’s, Chinese Slaw, and chips.  They all really enjoyed it.  We played games at the park.  You enjoyed watching the volleyball action from the sideline.

I couldn’t think of a better group of people to celebrate your one year of life with…

And this was my first attempt at decorating a cake for a little boy.  I got your sister, Maggie, the little farm set for her second Christmas.  It turned out to be a nice cake topper.  And the animal pieces from your puzzle came in handy as well.  🙂

my favorite animal in this setting is the llama

I took you to get your one year vaccinations.  They couldn’t administer them at the time so they made a home visit that afternoon.  They were able to weigh and measure you.  Without looking at your card, I remember you weighing in at 23 pounds.  You are strong and healthy.  We certainly couldn’t ask for anything more.

We love you Cohen Timothy!

CT—1 Year Old

CT—11 months

You turned 11 months on Monday. I can’t believe we are a month away from you turning one! Since I wrote your 10 month post so late, I don’t have a lot to add. So I will go picture heavy on this one. Honestly, I can’t get enough of you. You are in the cutest stage. When people say, “Oooo, I just want to SQUEEZE ’em!” Well, I say that a lot to you in this stage. 🙂

1. You can officially climb the stairs. Big trouble when I forget to close the gate downstairs.
2. You are cruising more and more and enjoy walking with our help.
3. You love being outside (as most babies do). I put you in the exersaucer up on the roof while I hang laundry, and you love it.
4. A new favorite food for you is strawberries. You could eat an entire container in one sitting if I let you.
5. I looked up a new phrase today: “nursing strike.” Apparently, you do the exact opposite of your sisters when it comes to teething. You have been having some major teething issues, and it has resulted in you refusing to nurse (which you LOVE). Since I plan to wean you in this last month, you might just do it to yourself. You had your first cup of cow’s milk today because of it, and you liked it. We all know you need to add some more pounds. (huge wink)
6. Everyone here thinks that you are “GRANDE.” Etelvina calls you “Super beb.”
7. You have started calling Daddy, “Da.” That makes me smile.
8. You have taken a liking to chewing on crayons when you find them. I am not a fan. Your sisters get in big trouble when they leave them out.
9. We bought you your first pair of Big Boy shoes. They have Elmo on them.
10. You love bathtime with your sisters.
See this look? He thinks he is going to get the camera lens he sees dangling.


What happens when you have two older sisters around.


cruising at the baby gate. Good thing it is there.


a close-up. Aren’t you just the cutest thing ever!


McKinzie Three bathtime


so sweet with those two little bottom teeth (I have a feeling that some more will pop out very soon)


CT—11 months