MK 3—years old

Maggie Kate, what a joy you have brought to our family, our middle child. I am so late documenting this milestone. You are the one that always gets to invite all the interns to your birthday party. I have plenty of pictures to post from your party, but I wanted to record a few things about you at this stage of life.
1. You are our “payasa” or “clown.” You love to goof off and get people to laugh at you. You are sooooo silly, and you get such a kick out of making people laugh.

acting silly in the tub

2. You are super social. I thought Ana was social, and then you came along. Half the time, I think you are trying to make life “your own” because you want to be something apart from Ana. You show a lot of independence with this attitude, and sometimes it gets you in trouble.
3. Your love language is affection. You want to be held and cuddled. When you get in trouble you will repeat that you are sorry over and over again until we give you some affectionate affirmation that things are okay.
4. You love school (this has been your first year). And your Spanish is coming along just like your sister’s did. I love hearing you talk in Spanish with the Peruvians, and I especially love hearing you pronounce a word with your Spanish accent.
5. When putting you to bed, you ALWAYS need a “big” hug and a “big” kiss. If I don’t master these two actions, you will pester me until I do.
6. You love singing a song from one of our Barbie movies. You walk around the house humming it at the top of your lungs.
7. Something I wish I had on video is of you and your sister reenacting The Little Mermaid. Your sister started singing Ariel’s song, and you came in with a big, deep voice and said, “Sing for me!” You then proceeded to use your hands to motion the voice out of Ana. You crack me up!

the two of you have had several “weddings” also

8. You tell everyone (even Daddy) in our family, “You’re pretty!” You love to tell us that to make us feel good.
9. You have a blast with your sister, but you also share your fights. I love seeing the two of you grow up as close sisters, though. You are so sweet to each other most of the time.

10. I would say Cora Smith is your BFF in this stage of life.

11. When you are in trouble, I will many times refer to you as “Maggie Kate McKinzie.” It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me, then, that when you really want my attention you say, “Momma Kate McKinzie!!!” Classic. It makes me laugh every.single.time.
12. You wanted a “Booty and the Beast” birthday party.
13. You are so excited about our trip to the US. You don’t remember the last time we visited, so we are excited to see your reaction to so many new things when we go.
We love you, Maggie. You are full of expression, full of love, and full of life. Our prayer for you is that you grow into a beautiful woman of the Lord one day. His richest blessings are upon us in giving you to our family!
And now, pictures of your party…

my attempt at a homemade Beauty and the Beast cake
look how much you have grown!
Taylor was so sweet to dress up as Belle for the party
your meal choice– you love pizza.
you with our sweet neighbors, Nadia and Anita
and with Areli and “Vina” (what you used to call Etelvina)
our fun game so that everyone could be “Beauty”
you and Taylor danced it up as the “Belle’s” of the Ball
you got your first Barbie (from Areli) and were elated
Momma and Daddy got you Belle, from the Disney Animators Collection
all those silly interns posing as the characters from the movie. What fun!

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MK 3—years old