CT–AQP “lasts” 2014

One thing that experts say is good for expats to do before leaving one of their “homes” is to make a list of their favorite places and plan a “last” visit in order to say goodbye. My kids will return to the states with their Pop and Gram on December 28. We have 29 days left to say some goodbyes. It is a good thing that some of them overlap.

The boy. Our sweet, Cohen Timothy. You entered the world as an Arequipeño looking like this…


You will leave as an Arequipeño looking like this…

taken in the Yanahuara Plaza by Eternity Fotos

You couldn’t be more excited to go to Pop’s farm in less than a month. You have no clue what is about to take place.

You cried that Manuela wouldn’t be at the house the last time we returned to Arequipa. You are upset when you don’t get to say goodbye to her when she leaves for the day. When we dropped Etelvina off after spending the afternoon with her, you cried that she wouldn’t come to the house to spend the night. (Ha!) You have such a tender heart, and you have won the hearts of two Peruvian grandmothers for sure. You will miss them so much, but you are so young, your memories will probably only be captured by the pictures we have taken, and believe me, I have taken plenty. 😉

I still thought it would be fun to ask you about your AQP favorites. You have completed an entire year of preschool all in Spanish with your 3 year old class. We are so proud of you. You will change so much by the time we return for our first visit back.

Places to visit:

  1. the playground close to our ASA house
  2. the café (unfortunately, it shut down a few months back)

Foods to eat:

  1. Ají de Gallina
  2. chicken enchiladas (apparently AQP style)
  3. apples and strawberry/vanilla yogurt
  4. Queso Helado

What is one of your favorite memories of living in Arequipa?

firetruck birthday

What is your favorite Arequipa dish?

 Ají de Gallina

What will you miss the most about living here?

 Daddy and Mommy and Manuela (you apparently understand that we aren’t going with you in December)

What are you most excited about moving to the states?

the playroom (Pop and Gram’s) and playing with bicycles and basketballs outside and their playground castle

Anything else???

I am going to miss my playroom upstairs.


CT–AQP “lasts” 2014

2 thoughts on “CT–AQP “lasts” 2014

  1. Louise says:

    My husband, who is in AQ for work, sent me your “31 list”, which I really enjoyed.

    I am headed to AQ in Jan to join him for the 2015 calendar year. Am looking for some expat groups/orgs to hook into in the Cayma area. If you know of any, would appreciate any info.

    We are Catholic, so planning on visiting our new home church as soon as I get there. And starting on Rosetta Stone Spanish, but am truly a beginner.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Louise Mitchell

    P.S. I’m 55 with grown children and a 16 mo grandson. Cherish every moment with your kids. Goes by fast.


    1. Megan says:

      Hi Louise! Thanks for commenting. We have LOVED our time in AQP. If you are on FB, there is an excellent expats page that keeps you in the loop of events going on in AQP or any questions you might have. Also, our non-profit (cudaperu.org) operates a language school in Yanahuara (next door neighbor to Cayma). It would be an excellent place for you to learn Spanish! Check out their page at https://www.facebook.com/passportlanguageschool?fref=ts . I hope this can help. You will love your life here.


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