Ana Grace, you have always had a tender heart. You care deeply about those around you. You are the first to jump up and help a parent with their little child. You are what many call, “servant hearted” and “a people pleaser.” With that comes getting your feelings hurt easily, but you care so, so deeply.

You had a terrible finger injury this week. We have doctored and bandaged it each night since it happened. A soccer goal at your school came down and mashed your fingers. A finger on your right hand got the worst of it. You might lose your fingernail.

Last night, I unwrapped the bandage, prepared a bowl of warm water for you to clean your finger, dried it very carefully, and was preparing to apply the antibiotic ointment. You started to cry with the biggest tears like it was hurting you.

I asked, “Ana, what is wrong? Am I hurting you by touching it?”

With those great big tears rolling down your cheeks, you responded, “No. I am just thinking about all those kids in the world that don’t have a momma like you. They don’t have a momma to clean their cuts or help them when they get hurt. It just makes me so sad to think about them not having a mommy.” (you could hardly get the explanation out with all the crying)

I could hardly contain the tears that formed in my eyes. I hugged you and kissed you, and we talked about family being such a blessing.

Your compassion is from God, Anastasia Grace. You are our beautiful first born, and I cannot believe the big ole heart that God put inside of you. I don’t write this post to brag, although your daddy and I are so proud of you. I write it down for me to remember. You are being shaped by the God of compassion. We all have our gifts. I cannot wait to see what path you walk down as you discover those gifts, mature in life, and decide how you want to live out that compassion as an adult one day.

Never stop loving. Never stop feeling. Never stop crying for the pain that exists in this world. I love you so much. His kingdom come, his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

We couldn't ask for a better big sister to your little sister and brother.
We couldn’t ask for a better big sister to your little sister and brother.

4 thoughts on “AG–Compassion

    1. Pat Clark says:

      This is so sweet. Megan, u and Greg have done such a great job with your precious children. Anxious to c u all. R u going to come to Collin’s wedding? I’m sure u will if u possibly can. Love to all of u.


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