Nine Years

11 years ago, I was swooned by the sweetest 8 page love letter I had ever read.  I had just completed a semester in Chile with “Jesus Boy,” but little did I know that I had slowly fallen in love with him throughout the four months we had traveled the country and gone on numerous jogs in a Spanish-speaking world.

HULA (Harding University in Latin America) 2002
HULA (Harding University in Latin America) 2002

10 years ago, I spent my very first Christmas away from my family.  It was a pretty big deal to be convinced to spend the holidays away from my farm home.  I was gifted with a Bilingual Bible from Greg.  It’s like he thought I might need it in the future or something.  😉  Here is the note he wrote inside:




9 years ago, we celebrated with family and friends as we said our “I do’s” in front of all to witness.

one of our engagement photos
one of our engagement photos

Nine years, moving to a country above Chile, and three kids later, here we are.  He is still my faithful friend.

Greg McKinzie, thank you for writing that love letter to me 11 years ago.  Who knew that a jogging schedule would completely change our lives together for the forever?  I sure am glad you had an interest in your health.  😉  Here is to nine more glorious years and counting!

Always and forever,

your Meg


Nine Years

2 thoughts on “Nine Years

  1. Bill Richardson says:

    What a joy to share just a small slice of this history with the two of you and see the amazing ways God has worked in you and through you. Happy 9th and may God grant you many, many more. I love you guys!


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