Favorite Things—August 2013

1.  I have been jogging for 2.5 months now.  Two of my favorites for that activity:

  • the “Running Time” on my IPod shuffle (I can program it for 20 minutes, and a little voice tells me when 5 minutes is completed, half the time completed, etc.)
  • my wristband from R.E.I. (which is also super helpful for my combi money when I am out and about in town)

2.  Tunnel Bear (We have access to U.S., Japan, Britain, Canada, and German TV.  That means we can stream Hulu and we have 4 different Netflix options!)

3.  avacados (I can buy them year-round.  Our bodega one block away ALWAYS has some that are ready for that day.  I can eat a whole one with a little salt and pepper and be happy as a lark.)

4.  These books for our little boy:

  • The Little Blue Truck Series
  • Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site
  • Push Here

5.  These books to read-aloud to my girls:  (I loved Roald Dahl as a child.)

6.  IPhone-to-IPhone texting (I can text any of my family or friends that have IPhones for FREE! anywhere in the world.)

7.  2 new food finds for me:

  • Mamut’s (delicious sandwiches)
  • French bakery (another NGO that sells croissants across from our cafe serves a braided pastry with bits of chocolate swirled into it.  Soooo yummy!)

8.  IPhoto slideshow feature (our executive director showed me this awhile back.  If I keep all of my photos organized in events folders, all I have to do is click on the folder, hit the “Play” slideshow button, and it looks like I spent hours on it.  It has been great to have when I need something formal to show a principal that is looking at the program.)

Favorite Things—August 2013

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