I Swear…

Here in Peru, they swear a group of kids in to the school “Police Academy” each year.  This group of kids is chosen based on their academic and social performance.  They agree to be exemplary students, and to watch out for the needs of their other classmates, academically and socially.  When I told Greg about it, his immediate reaction was, “Oh no!  That is like the equivalent of the hall monitor.  Our daughter is going to get beat up by the mean kids.”  Ha!

Well, she is only in first grade.  I don’t think the bullies are that vicious yet.  (keepin’ my fingers crossed)  Here are some pictures of the ceremony.  It is always fun to observe the culture and their traditions that are so different from our own.  It is crazy to me that my kids can sing every word to the Peruvian national anthem.


DSC09742 DSC09746 DSC09748 DSC09751 DSC09752

I Swear…

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