Dear Prayer Warriors:

Hey everybody, we could sure use some prayers tomorrow.  If you aren't aware, our permanent visas expired while we were home for furlough last year.  It was a mistake to let that happen (a longer story for later if you want the details), and el presidente, Ollanta, has changed the rules on visas making it harder to get one or renew a visa.  Greg had to send all of our documentation and bus tickets to Lima to be approved in a special office in order for us to exit the country without visas.  The kids are all legal.  It is just Greg and me… makin' a run for the border.

He bought our bus tickets 2 weeks ago (in order to depart last Friday), sent the documentation, and then we found out through the guy in Lima that Mon and Tues are government holidays.  Well, we thought there was a chance.  He could take care of it Wed and speed mail it to us Thursday.  Then we remembered where we live.  Our departure date came and went and our documents and approval from the Lima office arrived this past Tuesday morning.  Greg went and bought our bus tickets for tomorrow morning…
Wednesday, Greg, Ana, and I all shared the same stomach bug.  The works.  Today has been better, but I now know what is worse than our water being cut off unexpectedly (which I guess at this point should really just be expected): the water being cut off when the family is dealing with the squirts.  Sorry if that was TMI.  I thought we were doing better.  We all felt better, Ana was fever free and had more of an appetite (we have had it arranged all along that the Smiths would take care of them while we are gone).  And then this afternoon, Maggie started.  Blast.  But, Kyle and Larissa said they would take them.  You see, we only have until the 26th to get this done by law.  God bless the Smiths.  Our beautiful, blessed teammates that we owe BIG TIME when all of this is said and done.
We took the the kids over to the Smiths' home tonight since we leave so early tomorrow morning.  As I was tucking Maggie into bed, she threw up all over the bed spread.  Nice, right!  That is when my tears exploded.  What mother leaves her sick babies to get on a bus and leave the country!?  This one.  I feel absolutely terrible about it.  But, again, I am so thankful for our teammates.
So, here is what you can pray for:
1.  Our 8 hour bus ride to Chile.  That we cross the border and reenter with no problems.  I have anchor babies, people!
2.  That Greg is better.  He has had it the worst.  And I don't think I need to explain why an 8 hour bus ride is miserable in this condition.
3.  The Smiths.  They already have three kids of their own.  And if this thing is contagious, curses be upon us.
4.  Cohen is the only healthy McKinzie.  It will break my heart if I find out he gets sick while we are gone.  He has never been really sick in his short little life, but I am comforted by the fact that Larissa and Kyle have tons of experience.
5.  Sweet little Maggie.  She told me she didn't want me to go.  Try walking away from that one.  I pray she gets over this quickly.
We leave the house at 6 am in the morning.  We will take a bus to Tacna, Peru, and then find a taxi to drive us across the border.  We will immediately reenter (with hopefully no problemos) and take a taxi back to Tacna.  We will buy bus tickets for the following morning, find a place to stay the night, and leave Saturday for the bus ride home.
Please be in prayer for us.  We love you all!
Dear Prayer Warriors:

9 thoughts on “Dear Prayer Warriors:

  1. marlee says:

    Oh Megan…I had tears for you sweet friend. Lots of prayers for you both and your kids. Especially little Maggie. Love you all.


  2. Jeans says:

    The Lord is your shield and protection! He is your healer and provider! The Lord he is God! My heart goes out to you right now and my prayers go before you! Love you so much!


  3. gram says:

    Not only is it hard for momma to leave sick babies, but it kills gram that she can’t be nearer to help! My prayers are w/you and greg. Know how awful it is to travel sick. Safe journey and quick return in my prayers.


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