A “McKinzie 3” Update

they think they are so funny

I feel like I haven't done a good job with documenting things the kids are doing.  We have had a busy January, but I put my foot down this full week of February and decided that I would jot down some things about each child.  They are growing and changing so quickly.  School will start the first of March, so I don't have much longer with all three in the house all day…

Ana Banana

she turns 6 next month, so hard to believe

I really can't believe this girl right now.  She is our long-legged girl.  🙂  She just seems so incredibly grown-up some times.  Honestly, she is forced into the grown-up part many days.  She helps me so much with her younger siblings.  Whether it is getting Maggie dressed in the morning, pouring Cohen's milk for him, or straightening up their play areas, she is my little “Momma 2.”

Some things to note about Ana:

1. She is taking swim lessons this month for 50 soles, 3 days a week at the Olympic-size indoor pool in our district.  She has had a blast taking the lessons with her two gringa friends, Shaye and Bailey.

2. She requested to get her hair cut to her chin.  Ana has the thickest hair, and she has decided that it is easier for her to manage when it is shorter.

3. She is super independent.  We love it, but it sometimes gets her in trouble.  One morning, she decided to make everyone cinnamon toast before we got up.  This means she used the toaster oven by herself.  To make a long story short, I woke up to the smell of burnt toast, and she received a very stern warning to never operate the oven alone… ever.

4. She has been learning ancient Greek with her Daddy on specific nights of the week.  She loves spending that time with Greg.  I have been working a lot with her on sight words.  This school year, we will be having a disciplined schedule for her to learn to write and read English well.

5.  She starts 1st grade in less than a month.  We are enrolling the girls in a new school two doors down from us.  It will be so much easier for us to drop off and pick up, but this is the first year that Ana is old enough to tell me she doesn't want to change.  She tells me that her friends are at the other school.  This girl has no idea how used to change she will be when her elementary years are all said and done.

Maggie Moo

Oh, Maggie.  She has grown so much in the last few months.  What is fun to see is how much she enjoys hanging out with her sister.  They fight like sisters as well, but it is neat to see them make-believe with each other.  I think “Momma and Baby” is the most popular game between the two of them.  Maggie's little personality is so different than Ana's, and it is really showing out these days. To sum Maggie up in two words: clown and stubborn.  🙂

1. Maggie was going to take swim lessons but got scared the first day.  I didn't push too hard.  She was the smallest out there, and there is one teacher to about 15 kids.  She has decided to take lessons with Cora next year.

2. Maggie has been eating like a horse lately!  She is our petite child, but I do believe there might be a growth spurt going on.  She is so funny when she is eating something she likes.  She will say, “Thank you, Momma.  This is soooooo good. Ummm.”  She has a little bit of the “What About Bob” factor going on.

3. The girl is a clown!  She loves to make people laugh, and she really does have a knack for being funny.  She gets a kick out of getting laughs, and those laughs only fuel the fire.

4. She was playing with the Fisher Price animals above, and she said, “Momma, these are the Peruvian Wonderpets!”  I thought that was so clever since the animals are a llama, chicken, and rabbit.  Ha!

5. She calls her “Baba” (what she has called her blanket since she could make the sound) her “Bobby.”  I have no clue why she changed the name.

6.  Maggie LOVES playing with the dollhouse right now.  She plays by herself and pretends with different voices way more than her older sister ever has.  We have loved seeing this part of Maggie develop.  Greg thinks it might be the introvert in her.

The Cohenator

He is my precious boy and he is SOOOO big.  I just can't believe it.  He is wearing a lot of 3T clothes (which is Maggie's size by the way), and he just walks around the house like a little boy.  He is not my baby anymore.  He reminds me of Greg sometimes, but more often than that, he reminds me of my brothers.  He is almost like a little Collin.

1. He is talking more and more.  He jabbers a ton, but he will try and repeat things that we ask him to.  My absolute favorite “conversation” with him happened last week.  I was holding him in the kitchen.  He jabbered away at me like he was telling me all about it, he pointed to the tea kettle (which is obviously what he was talking so much about), and all of a sudden he makes a high pitch squeal.  He was imitating the tea kettle from the day before.  I thought he was so clever!

Some new words: he is now calling Manuela, “Lehlah;” “tock” for truck; Awesome (thanks to Jeremy Daggett); “Nigh, Nigh” for Night Night.

2. He is really funny right now with Shaye's name.  Whenever he is in the depths of despair, he will just moan and say, “Shayyyyyyyye.”  (That is our teammates' oldest daughter.)

3.  When he is really tired, he will look at us and say in a very pitiful voice, “Ooo, Ooo, Ahh, Ahh.”  That is the signal that he wants his monkey (who he sleeps with every night).

4.  For the entire month of January he slept in his pack-n-play in Ana and Maggie's room.  He did great.  So great that when I moved him back to his room after the Daggetts left, he did not like it one bit.  I guess we can rent a house with one room for the kids now if we need to. 🙂

5. He has such a thing for my pots and pot tops in the kitchen.

6.  He has started whacking his sisters when he doesn't like something they are doing.  They will tell on him, and I ask him to give them a hug.  He hugs and kisses on them very well.  He is a swooner, that kid.

7.  He loves pointing out trucks to me outside.  And he loves playing with anything with wheels inside (including the baby stroller).  His new sound is “Vroom, vroom.”

Well, there you have it.  A little update-a-roo.  We love our little ones.  The time has flown here, and when the time flies, the kids grow up so fast.

Can you make up a good caption for this photo?
A “McKinzie 3” Update

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