Happy Birthday, Granny!

one of the most beautiful and funniest spirits I have ever known


We celebrate 81 years of your life today!  It is a day like today that I wish I lived close to you.  I spent the first 18 years of my life a 10 minute car ride away, and that is the reason that I am so close to you.  I hope Granddad got you a box of Krispy Kreme Donuts today.  I know you would probably just as well see your birthday candles on some donuts.

You have been very sick this past year, and you bounced back.  I actually made an emergency trip home because they thought you weren't going to make it.  But you know what you told me?  You said, “Megan, I can't wait to see your family this fall when you come back.”  And you meant it.  The picture above with my girls is my proof.  And I love and cherish that my girls have memories of being silly with you.

You are currently recovering from 3 different hip replacement surgeries.  You are one of the bravest, strongest, most vibrant women I have ever known.  You are my hero, and I wish that you weren't spending this birthday in the bed unable to walk, unable to see clearly, and in constant pain from the arthritis that has slowly taken over your body.

Many have told me that I get my humor from you.  I wish that I could see your smile and hear you laugh.  You have brought me such joy throughout my entire life.  I am honored to share the same birth month with you.

So today, I will try and call Granddad's phone while he sits with you.  If you are having a good day, you will talk to me.  But many of your days are not good days, and you just don't feel up to talking.  That is okay, but I pray that your birthday is full of joy today.  You are loved by so many, and you have been a blessing to so many.

I love you, Lou Ellen.  I wish I could eat a Krispy Kreme with you today.

All my love,

Margaret Ellen (or as you would call me, “Meggy”)

Happy Birthday, Granny!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Granny!

  1. Marlee says:

    such a sweet post Megan. I went to see your Granny the other day and she talked about you so much. Sweet, sweet lady!


  2. Jane Bills says:

    Awww- so sweet, Megan. Happy Birthday Granny! Matthew got to see her this past week when he was in town for work, and said she mentioned donuts then too. 🙂 What a sweet note to your grandmother!


  3. Deborah says:

    This post brought tears to my eyes. Granny and Granddad have been my second set of grandparents now for almost 18 years (yes, they treated me like family before I really WAS family!), and I have been allowed to witness the beautiful relationship you share with her. You are SOOOOO much like her!!!!


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