A Three-year-old Funny

Three-years-old is so much fun.  After having Ana go through that stage and now seeing Maggie at three, this is the age where kids say some really funny stuff.  My older brother's family has a tradition where they take their four sons to the Dollar Tree to pick out Christmas gifts for the family.  This year, my three-year-old nephew, Daniel, picked out a placemat with a rooster collage for his daddy.  When he saw it, he said, “Look Daddy.  You will love this.  It's a blanket with pictures!”  I realize this post is about my three-year-old, but that story made me laugh out loud.  On to Mags…

Ana was straightening her bedroom (the one that she shares with her little three-year-old sister).  I am sure she asked Maggie to help clean up.  I was sitting outside of their bedroom, and Maggie came out.

Me, “What's wrong?”

Maggie, “My belly hurts.”

Me, “Your belly hurts like you need to go to the bathroom?”

Maggie, “No, my belly hurts like I don't want to clean up.”

Ha!  That little stinker.

A Three-year-old Funny