CT—20 months

having a blast in the park

For your second Christmas, you will be twenty months old.  You are so BIG.  How did you turn into a little boy so quickly?!  Let’s see…

  1. You are repeating so much right now.  If you “want to,” you will repeat just about any word we ask you to try.  And you are really close a lot of the time.  My favorite words you are saying in English are “He-suh” (Jesus) and “Aw-way-wu-wa” (Alleluyah).  In Spanish, you are saying “Coma” (which means “eat”) a lot.  Manuela tells you this when you are with her, and you have certainly picked it up.  We give you your food, and as you are eating… “Coma, coma, coma.”  So cute.
  2. Your little run is as cute as can be.  You love playing chase with Ana upstairs.  You will run from your room all the way to the end of the playroom area.
  3. You are my market side kick since you started taking your one nap of the day later (you go down around 11 and wake up at 2:00).  Adela loves your visits every Monday morning, and you have gotten really good at walking over to Franco with me.  There is a restaurant with a big patch of green grass (which we don’t see a lot of here) that we pass.  You ALWAYS have to walk on the grass when we pass there.
  4. You have a thing for holding money right now.  You know I have my change purse with me in the taxi when we go somewhere.  You will fuss and fuss until I give you a coin to hold, and then you are completely content.  I guess you are big stuff when you hold the moolah.
  5. You still love dogs and cats.
  6. You run over to the computer when you hear the Skype dial tone.  You love talking to family and friends when they call on Skype.
  7. You take a bath almost every night.  If I say the word bath, you immediately say “Baaa” and run over to the steps to go over and take one.  Maggie is your bath time buddy.  You are an absolute pro at getting water ALL over the floor.
  8.  I forgot this above.  When you want more, you say “Mow.”
  9. You answer all questions (even when the answer is “yes”) with shaking your head no and saying “Nawoh.”
  10. I wish we had a yard.  You LOVE playing outside.  We took you to the park this past month, and it was the first time you could do so many things and enjoy it.  You are such a boy.
so tall
such a male. dominating the recliner with a remote in hand.
the night of your big sister’s kindergarten promotion
still such a momma’s boy
about the same size as your 3.5 year old sister


CT—20 months

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