CT—19 months

Cohen, I forgot my camera cord at Pop and Gram's so I am using one of my favorite pictures of you from the states.  I cannot get over how old you are getting!  Here is why…

1.  Your little personality is really coming out now.  You are full of laughter and play.  You love to run like we are chasing you (even when we aren't).  You are sneaky, and you get such a kick out of making us laugh.

2.  You climb the stairs.  Apparently living in Pop and Gram's house helped you to master that milestone very quickly.

3.  You have started communicating so much better.  You weren't much for signing all this time, but now you sign “All Done,” “Please,” and “More.”  You are even attempting to say them at times.

4.  Daddy taught you to say “Yes sir.”  It comes out, “Si, Ya.”  In Spanish, that means “Yes, Ok already.”  We think that is kind of funny.

5.  You love waving good-bye to people.  You say “Bye” but your preference is the Spanish “Chau.”

6.  You love going out.  You cry when your sisters leave for school in the morning.  You absolutely hate to be left behind.  When you do get to go out, we ask you, “Are you ready to go Chau?”  You immediately head for the door when we say that.

7.  One thing that we love about you right now is your kissing.  Yes, that is correct.  I said “kissing.”  We ask you to give someone a kiss, and you pucker your lips and only plant that kiss on the person's lips.  Anywhere else seems to be unacceptable.  You have this game right now where I let you kiss your sisters and your Daddy before bed.  After you are done, I ask you to kiss me.  You shake your head “no” and laugh like you are the funniest thing.

8.  You love playing with kitchen stuff right now.  That includes the real stuff in my kitchen, which you are still learning to not touch.

9.  You have a thing for throwing things in the garbage.

10.  You take one nap.  It is usually around 11 am and you sleep for 3 hours.  You are the BEST when it comes to going to bed.  You go to sleep at 7 am, no problem.  You sleep for 12 hours.

11.  Sometimes you need quiet time.  You will get fussy, we take you to your room and put you in the bed with your books, you are perfectly content for 30-45 minutes.  We know you are ready to come out when we start hearing your books being thrown out of the bed.

12.  You LOVE dogs.  If you see one outside or on TV, you flip out.

13.  Daddy took you to get your haircut yesterday.  This is an important note because the last time I took you, you had NO hair.  Literally.  You look so handsome with your little boy haircut now.

14.  You play really well with your sisters.  That is such a blessing.  It is also how I know that you growing up so fast.  You are quickly turning into a little boy.

Love you!  Here is one last pic of you with your sisters.  They love you so much, and I love how Lane (my cousin) captured this moment…

CT—19 months