CT—17 months

My are you growing!  You are so much fun… a constant bundle of energy, but so much fun.  We are so busy on this furlough, but I wanted to take a moment to record some things about you right now.

1.  You love utensils.  You love walking around with a big spoon.  You will whine at the table when we are eating until we realize you are happily content to hold your own fork or spoon.  That independence is creeping in…

2. We spank your hand when you throw something or disobey.  Sometimes we choose to say “No, no” to you first, and it is clear that you understand because out of your frustration for getting in trouble, you spank your own hand.  (it is actually kinda funny sometimes)

3.  You have taken to throwing things when you don’t get your way.  We are working on that.

4.  You favorite word is still “Hola.”  You have caused many people to smile here when you decide to charm them with your Spanish greeting.  What is extra funny is that you know you are cute when you do this.  Because of that, you say “Hola” kind of like “MERCY, MERCY, MERCY…” when you think you are getting in trouble.  Hilarious.

5.  You have added “Hi” to your words.  Not surprising considering where we have been.  You are repeating lots of things you hear.  The speaking is picking up.

6.  You don’t take to anybody very easily (except when you want me to hold you).  You are fine to be left alone and choose where you want to go.

7.  Anyone that we leave you with says that you are easy to babysit.  That is a good thing.

8.  You love playing with pots and pans and pretending that you are eating something or serving us a bite of something.

9.  The most “boyish” thing you do that is new to me is your animal sound for a cat.  You are good to repeat after me.  I do a higher-pitched meow.  You repeat with a low-pitched, manly “Me-yow.”  I love it!

10.  You LOVE using a straw, and it drives you crazy if we are all drinking from straw cups and you are not.

Here is a shot to show where you are compared to your sisters. You are heavier than Maggie! They don’t know what is coming when you get a little bigger.
You are the youngest great-grandchild on your Daddy’s side. Every grandchild receives a quilt. You got a cowboy quilt!
Cowboy Cohen
CT—17 months

One thought on “CT—17 months

  1. Samantha says:

    Cohen’s manly-baby voice just cracks me up. It’s so fun to see him in toddler phase. Also, Matt definitely picked up some new insights from watching Greg interact with him in a disciplinary way. We’re not imminently planning to have children, but we’re absorbing all the information we can!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your furlough.


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