Furlough 2012 Begins

We are home.  We left Arequipa at 6:30 pm Monday afternoon, and we arrived to my parent's house around 6:30 pm Tuesday afternoon.  Tid-bits from the trip…

  • there was a hoard of people trying to fly stand-by on our flight from Lima to Miami.  If Greg had booked our flight one day earlier, we would have been with them.
  • Cohen ran a fever that we didn't notice until on our way from Arequipa to Lima.  The Lima airport has a pharmacy that sells children's medicine.  Praise God that made him feel better.  Note to self: always pack children's Tylenol in carry-on just in case (I had some packed in our luggage).
  • Except for Cohen (who felt bad and lied there with his eyes open nearly the whole flight), the girls slept the entire two flights (Lima and Miami).
  • our kids were absolute troopers during our 8-hour layover in Miami.  Then they were absolute troopers during our one-hour delay sitting in the plane to go to Nashville.
  • Cohen was DONE when Mom picked us up, but he calmed himself, made the trip home, took a bath, ate a little something, took some medicine, and slept from 7:30 pm to 10 am the next morning!
  • We sat on a small plane from Miami to Nashville.  Guess who flew with us?  15 9-12 year-old Peruvian soccer players on their way to NYC.  None of them knew English.  They couldn't believe they were sitting with Arequipeños.
  • I forgot how delicious yellow squash tastes.
  • The little things: green grass, wide open spaces, driving, Funyuns, Sun-Drop, Colby-Jack cheese slices, sandwich bread, tasty bacon, a pool in the backyard, the farm, grandparents to baby-sit…
  • And we have only just begun.  Thanks for praying for our trip.  More pictures to come.  Farmington now has WiFi!  We are excited to see so many of you.  CL peeps, we will be at church tonight.  Looking forward to seeing so many of you there.  🙂

    the night before we left (la noche antes de salir) They can hardly wait!
    Ana finally got to mark the final day on her count-down calendar.
    We are quite a sight with all our bags. Everyone helped (even Cohen helped by letting me hang our bags on his stroller).
    Good-bye Volcan Misti.
    The McKinzie row
    What Maggie decided to do for part of our Miami layover.
    outside my parents front balcony (oh, how I have missed green Tennessee)
    Furlough 2012 Begins

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