CT—15 going on 16 months

I hate when I miss the month on the mark, but with child #3 and busyness, it happens. Cohen went through a period while the interns were here of having really whiney periods in the day. When some teeth finally pushed through, he was fine. He has been so much fun lately. Cohen, I want to record some things to remember about you before we leave for furlough…

1. You learned how to open the gate on your bed. You learned the hard way, as in “hard” floor. So I pushed you babybed against your closet (the only place I could) so that you won’t fall out. The plus is that you stay in the bed. The negative is that we get to wake up every morning to you banging your closet doors open and close.

2. I have taken you to get your hair cut THREE times. It seems to grow so fast, and it has the thickness of Ana’s hair. You HATE it. I hold you down on my chest and pray to God that the hairdresser doesn’t cut your head. This last time that we went, I told the lady to cut it short. She asked, “Cero?” I responded yes, and learned that “cero” means “no hair.” Maggie looked at you and told me, “Momma, I don’t like Cohen’s hair. He doesn’t have any hair.” Also, this haircut was Maggie’s first visit for her haircut. She was scared to death to have her hair cut after you went with all your dramatic effects.

3. You play independently so well. If there is something for you to get into, explore, empty, you will entertain yourself. It certainly keeps us on our toes. I will work upstairs, close off the bathroom doors and my bedroom door, and you will entertain yourself a good 45 minutes. It buys me time even if I have to clean up a big mess after you. 🙂

4. You have a new found love for climbing the steps. I allow you to climb them when I am behind you, but those baby gates are greatly needed. You haven’t figured out how to come down yet.

5. You can now climb up on the couch. But you still don’t know how to come down.

6. Your new word right now is “Hola!” You say it to everyone we pass if you think you are supposed to. You also wave using the “mas o menos” hand motion. I will see you waving when someone across the store catches your eye. You are quite social in this regard.

7. You LOVE
“Ella.” She takes care of you every Thursday when I am doing the library work, and you go to her with no problem. It is not uncommon to hear you calling for Manuela from your bedroom after a nap if you think she will come get you (even though she might not even be in the house).

8. You love to say “Uh-Ohhh.” We smack your hand when you throw your food off the tray or launch your cup across the floor.

9. You are so sweet. You pat the baby dolls or stuffed animals, and when you want to “give us a hug” you walk over and lay your head down on our lap. It is so sweet. You will lie your head on my shoulder and pat my back. Sweetest moments right there.

10. You have this terrible habit of scratching your back and front around the collar when you are mad, tired, or frustrated. I am unsure how to cure you of that one.

11. You blow kisses with the best of them. When you are ready for bed, you blow a kiss to communicate it.

12. You are so tall! I need to take you to the doctor soon to see just how much you weigh. You are a load to carry around.

13. You have discovered how to stick out your tongue and make a funny sound. You also love to play peek-a-boo. You place your hands in your eyes, and say, “Bee-bye!” You also love to applaud and dance.

pre-haircut. You can eat your weight in strawberries, watermelon, and mandarin oranges.
you love being “part of the gang”
You love playing in the ball pit at City Toys
you have no issues with climbing through tunnels
Yes, you would think it would be the other way around, but I think you might outweigh your sister.
“My-Bowl!” This is a new favorite word of yours for “ball.”
you LOVE bath time. And washing your hair is nothing now! 😉
you love talking on your phone. “Hola!”
what you do best: getting into things (ex. my pantry) that you aren’t supposed to
CT—15 going on 16 months

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