Savoring the little moments

Our sweet little middle child turns three this week.  Unbelievable.  Greg and I joke a lot that we can’t wait for our kids to grow up and go to college so that we can have our lives back again.  Ha!  I think any parent that has experienced time with multiple small children can empathize with this feeling.  But the truth is, where has the time gone?  Maggie is my Peru timeline.  I got pregnant with her shortly after we arrived and she has played a major role in this “Peru book” of my life.  I don’t know Peru without this girl.  I will blog more specifically about her later this week, but I wanted to record a moment that happened tonight that I know I will cherish.

One of the interns this summer brought my girls some Disney movies they had never seen.  Classics like Lion King and The Little Mermaid.  I absolutely love how well our girls play together right now.  In getting ready for bed, Ana stopped and said, “Maggie, you want to show Momma what we did?  When you were the witch and I am Ariel?”  I thought to myself, “This should be good.”

All of a sudden, Ana started singing the Ariel “Ahhh-Ahh-Ahhhh…” tune.  Maggie, my little almost-three-year-old, says in a deep voice, “Sing for me!”  It was hilarious.  They were lovin’ it.  Maggie even had her hand up close to Ana’s mouth so that it looked like she was stealing her voice out of her.  I love that they play so well.

Little moments like these happen all of the time.  I take them for granted.  I guess with Maggie’s birthday approaching, it has really hit me how fast the time really does fly.  I look at Ana, the baby I brought to Peru, and she is tall, eager to soak in whatever is around her, and the big sister to two younger siblings.  Maggie is training to star as the next Ursula, she speaks Spanish, and she has become the family clown.  Cohen is walking around, going over toward his sisters to cuddle and give them hugs, and is able to call us by name.  Oh my.  Slow down.  I don’t want to lose the little moments, but I know I eventually will…

Savoring the little moments

2 thoughts on “Savoring the little moments

  1. Jane says:

    You are documenting these times and thoughts, so you will have them to savor once the children are grown…how I wish I had written some of those precious times in a journal. My memory just doesn’t pull up a lot of those snapshots, and I know they were there!


  2. Marlee says:

    so sweet. I love those moments and try to record as many of them as possible. I am anxious for when Corban gets big enough to play with Aaron. We can’t wait to see you very soon!!!


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