Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches

this will definitely be made again in our home

I love barbecue.  I come from the South where pork barbecue rules, and I come from an area where it is normal to put a big helping of slaw on your sandwich.  So when I saw this recipe from the Pioneer Woman, BARBECUE CHICKEN SANDWICHES, I had to try it.  I can’t find good pulled pork here in Arequipa, and I just so happened to buy fresh jalapeños from my awesome vegetable vendor (they are rare to find here).

simmering the whole chicken pieces with whole garlic cloves, onion, and sauce
it was impossible to not cheat and eat a little before serving them on the rolls
cilantro and jalapeño greatly compliment the flavor of the barbecue
good, tasty wheat roll, generous heap of chicken, and slaw

If you like barbecue, and you can take a little heat, try this one out.  It seems like a fun summer meal (even though we are in our winter season).

Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches

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