CT—13 months

This is definitely a little late, but I wanted to get a snapshot of Cohen in this month.  I will keep it short…

still not walking, but seems to be so close.  He loves to cruise, and he has just started standing alone for short times.  He is strong enough to walk, but doesn’t seem to be too interested.

He calls out for “Nana.”  Ana loves that he says her name.

All of my kids are a “momma’s baby,” but Cohen has been the most affectionate toward Greg at this age.  He says, “Da-dee.”

In this month Cohen had his first trip to the US.  He was his momma’s lap child for the entire trip. I hope to never do that again.  🙂  But on this trip he met two great-grandmothers.  That is impressive if you ask me.

One of my FAVORITE things he started doing this month happens in the morning.  I usually wake up to his little voice calling from his crib, “Momma-Da-dee.  Momma, Momma, MoMAH, DaDEE!”  It is quite precious.

Here are some shots of Cohen from earlier this month when we visited the US and this evening:

Cohen with his Great-Granddad and Great-Granny. I LOVE that my Granny is looking up at her great-grandson in this photo.
It is not everyday that you get a four-generation picture. We met with Great-Grandmother before heading to the airport on the way home.

CT—13 months

One thought on “CT—13 months

  1. Donna Root says:

    I always love catching up with your family, Megan. That Cohen is so adorable. So glad you got to spend some time with your parents/grandparents/siblings when you came home recently. Love to you all!


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