2012 Resolution, Part 3

Livermore’s second strategy for making a global difference right now is, inform and recruit.

In other words, you are not being aware just for awareness’s sake.  Getting the word out can make a global difference.  But let’s say that in a bolder way: getting the word out can change the world.

The question is, how do you want to change it?  From this point on, Livermore’s strategies assume one important thing: that you have chosen your battles.  Causes are not supposed to be social bling for your Facebook page.  Being aware is about becoming an advocate and activist.  Your resources are limited (if they are not, contact me—I have some ideas), so you must pick where you will invest them.  There are too many issues to tackle at once, so you must use your time selectively.

Livermore suggests working your chosen issues into your daily interactions.  This should be fairly natural if you actually care about them.

Social media has made it clear that concerned people can make an international impact.  Nothing has both explained and demonstrated this as emphatically as Kony 2012:

There are some parts of this that make me very uncomfortable.  So here is the disclaimer: be aware means really be aware.  Advocating in ignorance can be dangerous.  Read these articles and look for others: ‘Kony 2012’ viral video by Invisible Children stirs debate and Ugandans Pelt ‘KONY 2012’ Leaders With Rocks, But White House Door Is Open.  Anything this big gets politicized, becomes the focus of conspiracy theory, and rightly raises questions of financial accountability.  Anything that results in the deployment of US troops is questionable to say the least.  Anything that is criticized by the very people it is supposed to help must be carefully examined.  I don’t know what is good information at this point.  If I were interested in making this one of my causes, my next step would be to contact missionaries in Uganda to get some local perspective.  For me personally, I would probably be unable to support something that resulted military action or even resentment and retaliation from the local population.  I would rather promote a reconciliation initiative.

The video is still an inform-and-recruit masterpiece.  It is important to read the subtext of the phenomenon, rather than be intimidated by the professional grade of the particular example (there is a multi-million dollar budget behind it, not to mention special interests).  The subtext reads: inform-and-recruit works when relationships generate conviction.  If you are convicted, you do have the power to become contagious.  But do not be deceived.  It is far more important for you to be contagiously convicted than than for your video or blog post to become viral.

2012 Resolution, Part 3

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