CT—1 Year Old

he is so handsome… just like his daddy.

Cohen Timothy, you have crossed the one year hurdle.  I will have to say that you have grown so much in just the last month.  I have tried to keep track of all of your accomplishments.  You aren’t walking yet, but you are definitely more interested.  Here is all that you are doing…

1.  You like to walk with help.  You cruise everywhere.  We have caught you cruising along the couch and turning to walk over to the table.  You are so frustrated that you can’t do it.  You also love to push things around to help with the walking process… Chairs, the coffee table, the girls’ play kitchen.  You are a hoot to watch, and you are so proud of yourself when you find something to push.  I really don’t think it will be long.

he loves to cruise

2.  Diaper changes are next to impossible sometimes.  I used to wonder why all the public restroom changing tables needed those security belts–Ana and Maggie never had issues squirming on the changing table.  You, on the other hand, are a completely different story.  And you are strong.  You don’t like to be on your back for long, for sure.  We have had many wrestling matches.  For now, I always get the pen.

3.  Your communication has taken off this month.  I read in my baby bulletin that your age can understand a lot.  It is true with you.  You love saying “Mama” (that is definitely your favorite word), but you also say “Dada,” “Nana” (Ana), “ahh-duh” (all done), and “yah” (yes).  You will sign for milk, all done, and more.  We will ask you a yes or no question and you will either respond with “yah” or just look at us.  I will say, “Go get your drink,” and you will crawl over to wherever your cup it laying.

4.  You love to applaud yourself and others.  If we are ever clapping during a song, you clap right along with us.  When we sing, you will hold out a long “ahhhh” like you are trying to sing with us.

he loves to applaud (when he does something correctly, when he hears music)

5.  One of the CUTEST things you are doing right now is blowing kisses.  You place your hand on your mouth and loudly make a kissing sound, and then you throw it.  It is definitely a crowd pleaser.  You also wave good-bye and night-night with your hand like you are doing a chomp motion.

6.  One of your favorite rooms in the house is the bathroom.  We try to keep toilet lids closed and bathroom doors closed, but with a three-year-old, things happen.  You especially enjoy swirling your hand down in the toilet water… yuck.  And I have found a few objects you have thrown in the toilet.  Again, something your sisters NEVER did.  Your second favorite place is my kitchen.  You love to open all the drawers, empty the cups out of the cabinets, and take all my canned goods off the shelf.  You are easily entertained when I need to cook, but the kitchen floor is a mess when we are done!

7.  A new favorite breakfast food is cornflakes with milk.  I put the cereal in a bowl and let it start the “soggy” process, and then I put it on your tray.  You love it.

8.  You got your first haircut.  You are sooooo handsome with your new cut.  It is amazing to me how cutting a baby’s hair makes him look like a little boy.  We went to Liliana’s to have it done, and you were not a fan.  at.all.

before (you didn’t have a clue what was going on)

8.  You weaned yourself at the beginning of 11 months.  You seemed to be having teething problems, and I tried to nurse you (which ALWAYS comforted your sisters) but you would have nothing to do with it.  You completely stopped, and we started giving you cow’s milk.  There has been no regrets and no turning back since then.

9.  You had your first major fall last this week.  Sister #1 thought she was “closing” the gate on your bed.  I layed you down for a nap and you started crying (normal for some naps).  I waited about 15 minutes, went up to check on you, and found you in the floor.  You had a huge lump on your forehead and a bloody nose!  You lived through it, and so did your sister.  😉

10.  You love to cuddle, whether it be with Daddy or me.  You burrow your head into our shoulder and just stay there for a moment.  If I have been away for the morning, I come home and can tell you have missed me.  You say, “Mama!” and immediately crawl over to me, put your arms up to be held, and snuggle into my shoulder like you are giving me a hug.

11.  You are definitely attached to your “Monkey.”  When we give it to you and you are tired, you hold it real close to your face and lay your head down.  You also are very attached to your pacifier.

For your birthday this year, Momma made a cake on the actual day.  It was Thursday and we have a Bible study with Etelvina, Tania and Roxy, and Areli.  They didn’t mind getting in on your cake action.  You gobbled that spice cake with butter cream icing like there was no tomorrow.  Your sisters loved helping me put your chocolate candies on the cake to make a “1.”

the cake for the actual birthday. We shared with the Bible study group that night.

You also really love the dump truck that Areli got you for your birthday.  I can’t say that we are a fan of the music, but it makes us happy that you have a toy of your very own.

your new dump truck

We really didn’t have a good evening to host a big shindig.  I wanted to have a big party for you, but your one-year birthday coincided with Momma’s launch of the library program.  Sorry third child.  We ended up feeding the church for our April Celebration Meeting.  We ate Gourmet hot dogs with all the fixin’s, Chinese Slaw, and chips.  They all really enjoyed it.  We played games at the park.  You enjoyed watching the volleyball action from the sideline.

I couldn’t think of a better group of people to celebrate your one year of life with…

And this was my first attempt at decorating a cake for a little boy.  I got your sister, Maggie, the little farm set for her second Christmas.  It turned out to be a nice cake topper.  And the animal pieces from your puzzle came in handy as well.  🙂

my favorite animal in this setting is the llama

I took you to get your one year vaccinations.  They couldn’t administer them at the time so they made a home visit that afternoon.  They were able to weigh and measure you.  Without looking at your card, I remember you weighing in at 23 pounds.  You are strong and healthy.  We certainly couldn’t ask for anything more.

We love you Cohen Timothy!

CT—1 Year Old

2 thoughts on “CT—1 Year Old

  1. Deborah says:

    As I read this post, I have several reactions:

    1. Cohen, you are a doll!!!

    2. I cannot believe I have not even met this little precious thing.

    3. After reading some of Cohen’s antics my thought was, “Welcome to the world of little boys!” I don’t remember diapering a 9-18 month old boy without a wrestling match! And the toilet…well let’s just say my kids thought it was a fun toy until they were potty trained. My germaphobe nature has been tamed.

    4. That hair cut is A.DOR.A.BLE.


  2. Marlee says:

    such a sweet little boy he is…and fun! Great job on his cake. Can’t wait to see him and the rest of his family in September!


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