Pop and Gram 2012

We had a wonderful time with my mom and dad this past month. For fun, here is the picture we took the last time my dad visited us in Arequipa in 2010:


Here they are with those same girls on this visit (a lot has changed):


And we happened to add one more in the mix for this visit. It was my Dad’s first time to meet grandchild #9:


It was such a blessing to have Dad and Mom here. The timing couldn’t have been better with my Dad meeting Cohen. Dad isn’t a “baby person,” so meeting Cohen as a 10-month-old was just right. His comment in seeing Cohen, “Why can’t they all come out just like this?”

Grandparents are at the top of my list for things I miss. I love our life here, but it always makes me sad to think that we can’t make a weekend trip to see grandparents (that includes you too, Memaw!) or even have a weekend to ourselves and leave our kids with the grandparents. Skype is a huge blessing, but seeing them and hugging them and listening to Gram read or Pop tickle them, those are the precious moments. And we had lots of those.

We went to the park, visited a pool one day, took the kids to City Toys (a kids play area in the mall), watched movies, hung out with the church, and ate and ate and ate. 🙂 Greg and I always look forward to the marathon show we will watch. This year, Dad brought his HBO series of John Adams which we thoroughly enjoyed, and then they got us hooked on to the new series, The Firm. Oh, and I should add that Cafe Connection opened while they were here. It was neat for them to see the inauguration.

Dad and Mom, we love you, and we enjoyed our visit with you so much. Cohen is still warm and cozy in his clothes that Gram brought him, Maggie always talks about you being in the airplane, and Ana cannot wait for September. Greg and I are already talking our farm meal up… fried catfish, fried ocra, fresh garden tomatoes, hush puppies, Granddad’s slaw, and Granny’s blackberry cobbler. Can’t.wait!

For those that don’t have Facebook (Deborah Bills!), here is the album of photos from their visit… Facebook Album.

Pop and Gram 2012

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