CT—10 going on 11 months


This is the first time for me to get this far behind on a month post for a child. Sorry, Cohen. I took the pictures, but life got the best of me on this post. I am still posting it before your turn 11 months! I have pictures of when you were exactly 10 months. The biggest news was that you met your Pop for the first time. He thought you were precious, and this was one of the most precious moments I captured of the two of you while he was here (you fell asleep in the taxi on the way home from playing all morning at City Toys):


You are way past 10 months, but here are the things I want to remember about you from this stage:

1. You are a monkey. We have never had a child that constantly turns when having their diaper changed. I always thought it was odd that people had to belt their children down on the changing tables in public bathrooms. Now I know why! You are crawling, pulling up, and crusing all over the place. If there is a cabinet or drawer to be opened you will do it. You are a mess. Your favorite things to do that are against the rules are play in my kitchen cabinets, go in the bathroom (and you are known for getting into your sister’s training potty-yuck!), and into the living room buffet.

2. You are flirting with climbing the stairs. You can climb one. It is only a matter of time.

3. You are our least verbal child. Well… verbal in the sense that you are making out words. You only say Mama. But you can squawk and scream with the best of them when you want attention (this usually happens when you are out of food).

4. You are a pig. I have never in my life seen a child eat so much. When people say “boys are different” they couldn’t be any more correct in describing you. For example, you wake up and nurse. When your sisters eat breakfast, you join them and eat (this is only about 30-45 minutes after you have nursed) a little banana, an entire peach, a large egg yolk, and one slice of buttered toast. The saying “eating you out of house and home” is an understatement with you. You love just about everything we put in front of you. You especially like Tortellini soup, Ritz crackers, cheese, bananas, yogurt, and any juicy fruit. And you eat like a pig. You eat in fistfulls and your get food all over your face and ALWAYS in your hair. (see last picture below)

5. You are ticklish and flirty and love to giggle with us, BUT you can be so serious. Which reminds me of your daddy.

6. Speaking of your daddy… you look a whole lot like him right now. You are almost a mini-boy version of Maggie, and many say that Maggie looks like your daddy. I think you are super handsome. You especially remind me of your daddy when you look up at me with your eyes squinted and your nose scrunched.

7. You were sleeping through the night for months, but this past month you decided to wake me up a lot in the night. We are working back toward the all night schdeule again. You don’t act like you want to give up nursing. You are sure to end your day with it and start your day with it.

8. You go to bed at 7 if naps allign correctly throughout the day. You take 2 naps, one at 10 am and the other at 3. You do not sleep well when we are out so Sunday mornings at Naranjal are not good mornings for you.

9. You only like the bath for a little while, because you want to climb out after about 5 minutes.

10. I love your little head of boy hair. It has come in thick, and you have curls in the back. Gram gave you your first trim around the ears when she was here.

If I think of anymore, I will add them to the 11 month post. Here are some pictures from this past month…




you at exactly 10 months when the coffee shop opened:


and we didn’t have any water in this picture… (lovely!)


CT—10 going on 11 months

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