Back to School 2012

March is back to school here in Peru. Ana started Kindergarten and Maggie started her first year of preschool. They were both beyond excited, and they both had a great first week. Ana loves school. I wasn’t worried about her. I wondered how Maggie would do, but she went and returned to the house just fine. She is such a little independent thing! They both go from 8:30 to 1:30 every day (Mon-Fri). It is a different world in my house. It has been quite some time since I just had one in the house. Cohen is now my little morning buddy, and I love it! I can totally remember having Ana and thinking, “How do people do this with more than one?” Well, two kids later, and I am THANKFUL to have one. I can actually get some quiet time in the morning while Cohen naps.

Here are some pictures from the first week. One pic is of all the books that I had to put clear, plastic covers on. This doesn’t include the notebooks and trapperkeepers! It took me forever. Their Christmas present from Pop and Gram this past year was monogrammed backpacks. Aren’t they cute? There they are on the first day. I cannot believe that Ana started Kindergarten, but she has been in school full-time ever since she was 17 months old. We are so proud of Maggie. She has taken the challenge, been a big girl (we got her potty-trained during the summer break), and hasn’t cried one time. It will be fun to see her speak more Spanish. This is where she will learn it. I told them the other night when tucking them into bed, “I know that one day you two will be able to talk about me right in front of me, and I won’t be able to understand.” Pretty soon, Maggie’s Spanish will surpass my abilities. 🙂

the books…


I cracked up when I saw that my almost 3-year-old will have technology class…


Can you see their names?


If I have a say, they don’t get much cuter than this! (AG-almost 5 and MK-2 1/2)


For journaling purposes, every day that Maggie came home last week, I would ask, “How was school? What did you do?” Her answer, “I had fun. I play in DIRT!!!” They have a sandbox and she thinks it is the best thing ever. Is this a city girl or what? She isn’t going to know what to do with herself when she visits the farm later this year. 🙂

Back to School 2012

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