CT—9 months


My goodness. The time is f-l-y-i-n-g with this little guy (“the boy”). I am usually pretty good about posting the month-a-birthday on time, but this one already passed a week ago. Tonight I decided I didn’t need to wait much longer to post about the 8-9 month range because he has already done so many things in the first week of being 9 months.


So, from 8-9 months:

1. Cohen learned to applaud, and this has turned into one of his absolute favorite ways to be social. If he hears a hint of someone saying good job or music from the TV he will begin to clap his hands. It is absolutely adorable and something I don’t remember my girls doing like him.

2. He is crawling! He is so funny, because he positions one leg up so that his foot can guide and leaves one knee down. He gets around, and he has gotten faster and faster.

3. He loves to eat, and he prefers to feed himself. He will refuse my spoonfuls unless it is yogurt. Maggie was such a delicate eater, and Cohen is the complete opposite. He will try to get as much as he can in a fistful, bring it to his mouth, and get maybe 1/3 of what he picked up. His favorite foods are bananas, plain yogurt, crackers, and pasta.

4. He is getting into everything. There was one evening after he had recently learned to crawl where I put Maggie’s potty seat up on a chair so he coudn’t get to it (I had not cleaned out the seat from one use from Maggie). I leave the room for what seemed like 2 seconds, and he had crawled over to the chair, pulled it over, and dumped the seat and the contents of the seat on top of himself. Disgusting. Cohen has a bath almost every night now. We have learned to move things. If he gets a hold of it, his first instinct is to take it and bang it as hard as he can on the floor and back into the air.

5. He loves his big sisters. I get him up in the morning or from a nap, and I can tell that he looks for them. He shows his excitement by kicking his legs, and when he sees them he puts his finger in his mouth and shys away on my shoulder. He is such a player. And his sisters love to be the ones to go entertain him in his room if I ask them to see him after waking from a nap.

6. He has started to communicate by screaming. It is not an angry scream, but we are hoping he can talk soon so that the scream can take a rest.

7. He understands “all done” after eating. That is the sign I have really repeated over and over with him.

8. Normally, he wakes up at 5:00 am to nurse and then sleeps until 8. He takes 3 naps during the day (9-11, 12:30-2:30, 4-5:30). He goes to bed at 7 or a little later.

9. He loves to stand alone (we help him into the standing position), and he still hasn’t figured out cruising.

10. He weighed 22 lbs at his 9 month check-up (wearing 12-18 month clothing). Grande! Oh… and his bottom teeth came in this past month. I hope that covers all of it.

His sisters giving him some love at our photo shoot in the park.


We took the kids to City Toys (a play place for little kids) one day this past month. Cohen played for his first time, and he learned that he LOVES the ball pit.


He is so proud of himself when he stands like a big boy. Do you see those thighs?!?


I love his expression in this one. He is wearing a chullo (a hat from Cusco) that one of our Peruvian friends gifted to him.


eating. which he does very well


CT—9 months

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