2012 Resolution, Part 1

My resolution is to be a better global citizen. To do that, I am going to experiment with David Livermore’s “seven strategies each of us can begin practicing right now to speak up on behalf of our global neighbors,” from his book What Can I Do?: Making a Global Difference Right Where You Are. They are:

  1. Be aware
  2. Inform and recruit others
  3. Work it into work
  4. Give
  5. Shop responsibly
  6. Invest/divest
  7. Influence government and media

Even though this is supposed to be something like “Personal Globalization Ethics for Dummies,” I have to say, each of these looks daunting in its own way. I’m going to blog through my experiment in case anyone else finds these things difficult to do and needs the encouragement of hearing from another mediocre global citizen. I’ll add for good measure that I don’t expect this experiment to make me look especially good, so let’s start with sufficiently low expectations. My resolution is just to do better by trying to follow practical advise, and my goal is to find out what I can actually do from with the limitations of my day-to-day existence.

2012 Resolution, Part 1

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