CT—8 months


Happy 8 months to our sweet little boy! I took Cohen for his influenza vaccination and hemoglobin test to check for iron. He seems healthy all around except that his blood test showed that his is anemic. We are giving him an extra dose of his iron supplement to help with that. Stats from this visit:

weight–20.8 lbs
height–28 inches
Fun things he is doing:
1. on his way to crawling! It won’t be long. He goes from sitting to down on his hands to all fours to reaching to his belly.
2. When he gets excited he waves his arms in the air furiously. It is really funny sometimes. He will be in his walker and the girls will be dancing around him and singing. He starts to wave those arms like he is doing his part of the dancing.
3. He successfully placed his first puff in his mouth the day he turned 8 months (Dec 19). Fingerfoods, he we come!
4. He sleeps through the night with an occasional off night here and there. He wakes around 6 am to nurse, goes back to sleep, wakes at 8 to eat his solid foods, and take his first nap close to 9:30. He is still taking three naps a day.
5. He has started rolling around a lot in his bed. He was belly-up for the first time the other night. He was crying because he couldn’t roll back over. Sometimes I find him perpendicular to how he is supposed to be lying.
6. He plays really well sitting on the floor with his toys. He always ends up on his belly from reaching for something. He will take a toy and toss it away from him just to challenge himself.
7. He loves splashing in the bathtub.
8. He smiles from ear to ear when his sisters come around. He is especially fond of Ana because she is so interactive with him. She can get him to giggling. I love it!
9. He is a cuddler. If you can’t tell that from the first photo with Greg. Sweet boy.
10. I feel like he weighs as much as Maggie (because I think he just might).

We can’t wait to celebrate his first Christmas!

CT—8 months

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