Sweet Seven


December 18, 2004–The date that Greg and I got married SEVEN years ago. Well… time in grad school, moving to a different country, and three kids later, here we are to celebrate. In honor of the seven years I want to list seven things I love about Greg:

1. He is the father of Anastasia Grace, Margaret Kathryn, and Cohen Timothy, and he is a GREAT daddy.

2. He can build things, hunt, repair things, fish–he is a manly man.

3. ALSO… He can cook, wash dishes, fold clothes, straighten the house, feed a baby, change diapers–he can play the role of Mr. Mom when I need him to.

4. He likes to watch the XFactor with me. 🙂

5. He is absolutely delighted with some very simple things in life: cooking him a meal he likes, saving the “crunchies” in a popcorn bowl for him, being served a cup of coffee in the morning.

6. He is such a thoughtful gift-giver.

7. I am told by so many of my Christian brothers and sisters (in the states and in Peru) that they have so much respect for Greg. That makes me so proud.

Greg arranged a surprise anniversary date night for me. That is a wonderful way to make a girl feel special. He arranged for childcare and told me that I needed to be ready to go out Friday evening. He even bought me a new dress for the occasion (I don’t dress up very often here). When Friday arrived, that morning he gave me a small bag from one of the nice Peruvian jewelry stores we have here. Inside was this sterling silver handcrafted Peruvian bracelet. He told me he thought it would look good with my black dress.

Around 5:15 we took the kids to our friends’ home. On our way into the center, I realized that I had forgotten Cohen’s pacifier (perfect mistake for the 7th! Ha.). It took us 45 minutes to go back home, get the pacifier, drive it to Cohen, and get back into the center. Boy did I feel like an idiot. Those three kids caused me to lose so many brain cells, especially the ones for memory, I am afraid.

Greg took me to share a frapuccino. We then walked to an art gallery that was featuring an Arequipan artist (which we loved). From there we went to eat at our favorite steak restaurant. It was a wonderful evening full of time without kids to distract me (except for forgetting the pacifier) and conversation over our past year, the ways we have grown, and looking into the future.



Thank you, Lord, for seven sweet years with a godly man that strives to serve you with all that he is. Continue to bless him with wisdom to serve you and lead his family.

I love you, Greg McKinzie, with all of my heart! Thank you for choosing me to be your one and only.

Sweet Seven

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