CT—7 months

I am so behind on posting. We are 15 days from “the boy” turning 8 months old, and I am just now posting for 7 months. But here it is…


Doesn’t he look like a little boy! I think since his hair has grown in it makes him look so much older. This picture was taken on Thanksgiving day (about a week after he was 7 months). Memaw actually arrived the day that Cohen turned 7 months. This was the first time for her to meet her youngest grandchild (#9)…


I think this next picture is the best smile I caught for the month. “Mama Bela” (Manuela) helps me a ton when I need an extra hand, and I don’t think she minds it at all. 🙂 Can you tell that Cohen is okay with Manuela?


Month 7 (let’s see how well I back track):

1. We went for his vaccinations a week and a half before the 19th. He weighed 19.6 pounds or 8.9 kilos. His height, 26.8 inches. A funny story about his Peruvian check-up. The nurse looked at the graph showing his growth and because he came down a little on weight she said he needed to gain more (he is still way above the red for weight). She told me I need to feed his solids 4 times a day (which I actually do) and with every meal serve him 2 tsp of real butter! This, my friends, is why Peruvian babies are so chunkey. I just shook my head yes while she told me this. She also told me that he needed to eat solid food before nursing (which is the complete opposite in the states). It is amazing what cultural differences there are in raising a baby.

2. Maggie is a tiny thing, but they now wear the same size diaper.

3. Cohen is at the end of his 9 month wardrobe. We have busted out the 12 month clothes.

4. He rolls from belly to back really well. He never does multiple rolls.

5. He plays with his basket of toys a lot while sitting up by himself. He usually ends up lunging forward and rolling over. This results in frustration and crying, but it will buy me 30 minutes of him entertaining himself a lot.

6. He sleeps propped up on a boppy. His sleep routine is super easy. We lie him down, put in his paci, give him his little monkey, lay his blanket over him and say good-night. We usually find him scooted down the bed, paci out of mouth, and his boppy body-slammed on the opposite end of the bed. He goes to bed between 6 and 7 and wakes up to eat around 5:30. He then goes back to sleep until around 7.

7. He naps 3 times a day. Morning and afternoon naps are the longest (2 hours or longer).

8. He loves to eat. He started eating puffs, and he is a pro at picking them up with his hands, but he has no idea how to transfer them to his mouth. We’ll get there.

9. He loves holding small things that rattle. He shakes it like he is in a band.

10. He LOVES the exersaucer we have. It swivels on one leg, but he is able to walk all over the room in it. He grabs at everything he can reach so we have to make sure all the glasses are removed from the coffee table.

11. He can sound out “MaMa.” (probably because I preach it to him every day) 😉

12. I can ask Ana to entertain him or play with him, and it buys me time to prepare a meal or do laundry. This is a huge perk for having 3 children.

CT—7 months

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