terrible two

Maggie Kate is two years old, and Maggie Kate is a M.E.S.S. We have already had one daughter go through this stage. Did it better prepare us for Maggie… no way, Jose. I know that these moments will just keep on coming, but today I had a “terrible two morning,” and I have several things before this that I want to record about her.

First of all, she is absolutely hilarious right now. Her expressions, the complete sentences she has started to say, her reaction to things, figuring out independence. “Terrible” is not the best way to describe her because she can be the sweetest child, but if the definition of terrible includes getting into everything when we are not looking it describes this stage perfectly.

1. I am going to copy and paste a prayer that she said in Spanish the other day for lunch. Many ask if she can speak Spanish. It is AMAZING how a child picks up another language so quickly. She knows who to say “hola” to and she knows who to say “hello” to. Maggie comes across as an extrovert right now. She typically is not shy to do things or say things out loud…

to our last group of summer interns: Maggie said the prayer before lunch yesterday in Spanish with no prompting. This is what she said: “Grasus por Bela y Nana y Mam. Daddy y Toe-in (Cohen). Y Mahnay (Manet Castaeda), Ohhp (Hope Rice), Beff (Stephanie Brown) and Beelow (April Souza). Grasus por ohmida (comida) y ehsuz (Jesus). AMEN!!!

2. We are learning that we have to discipline her very differently than AG. Greg is a stickler when it comes to letting our children “cry it out.” He knows crying is inevitable, but enough is enough. So with Ana we could tell her to be quiet, and she could stop the crying. Maggie… totally different. She just keeps crying and blubbering, “I sawwee (I’m sorry),” really loudly over and over. There is no quiet to it. We have to acknowledge that she is sorry and comfort her to get her to calm down. I have found that I just have to hold her for a minute and she immediately stops. It is just so different than Ana.

3. The girls love gummi snacks. I have been keeping them in a drawer that both the girls could reach. I thought I had a pretty good handle on them not getting into the drawer. As I write this, those gummis are up high… very, very high. I had one of those moments the other day when I didn’t know where Maggie had gone. I have come to learn that that ALWAYS means she is doing something she shouldn’t. Me: “Maggie, where are you.” MK: “Downwheres (downstairs).” (but she totally said it like her mouth was full of something) Sure enough, she had gone downstairs to the kitchen, right after I had allowed them to have a package of gummis, and she was stuffing her face with as many as she could before I found her. I died laughing inside. She really is brilliant I think.

4. If Ana leaves the table to get something and her food or drink is in grabbing distance Maggie WILL take it at her leisure.

5. I caught her eating Cohen’s puffs the other day.

6. She has started taking her diaper off because we have tried the potty a few times. Big mistake. (See next one)

7. This morning I awoke to Ana telling me that Maggie had taken off her diaper and there was poop everywhere. Sure enough, I walk into the room and the first thing Maggie says is, “Momma, I go potty and there poop on my BaBa (her blanket).” I started the day with a big fat load of poopy laundry (did I mention that she smeared it on a pillow that she had taken the case off of?).

Later in the day, while I am in Cohen’s room tending to him, I hear Ana say, “Oh no. Maggie!!! Momma!!!” She had turned the hot water dispenser (we have a water dispenser for cold and boilong water) on and their was a river going down through my kitchen. Her fingers hurt (imagine that). I took her up to her room for timeout (and held her so she would calm down) only to discover that her hair was crunchy in the back. Me: “Maggie, what is in your hair?” Maggie: “Soap Momma.” Sure enough, I discovered the hand soaps down in the floor in my bathroom and in the girls’ bathroom. I discovered a totally empty hand sanitizer bottle and all of Cohen’s Baby shampoo emptied out.

8. I remember reading I’ll Love You Forever to Ana and seeing the picture of the two year old boy flushing the watch down the toilet. I thought, “I wonder what it would be like to have a child like that?” NOW I KNOW!!! First Maggie will stand at a toilet and flush it over and over again if she is not monitored. Second, we have found multipe items in the toilet that don’t belong there. I shudder to think about what I don’t know about.

9. Another new thing for her is putting things in the bathroom trashcan. Like the entire roll of toilet paper.

10. She painted her nails on her own the other day… and her leg… and her forehead…

11. The picture at the beginning of the post is from when Jeannie and Diane were here. I had bathed Cohen, and Maggie decided that she would take herself a bath after I left the bathroom. That was the heaviest diaper ever. She just climbed right in, clothes and all.

This girl is a mess, and we really do love her, but I sure hope that Cohen takes after his elder sister in this stage of the game.


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