Jeannie and Diane Visit 2011

the girls

There is just something about having kindred spirits in your life. Mid-October, Greg left for the states to attend a conference and make visits to some universities leaving me in Peru alone with the three kiddos. He was gone for 2 weeks. I knew that if I could just survive that first week by myself, life would get tons better because Jeannie and Diane arrived the Friday of the week Greg left. Well, I survived, and boy was I happy to see those two beautiful faces when they arrived.

We had a blast. It wasn’t quite a “girls getaway.” My kids were part of the picture the entire time they were here, but I loved having them as company and LOVED the one-on-one defense we had with the kids. Jeannie is my life-long best friend of close to 30 years. We have a history that no one will ever replace. My kids adore her, and there is just something about that girl that I love. 😉 I got to know Diane during our time spent in the 6 months with Cedar Lane. Greg loves hanging out with her husband, Mark, and they are kind of the first really good friends that Greg and I made as a married couple–people that neither of us knew before marriage. Diane is laid back and so easy-going, and we just really click when it comes to how we see life and how we should live it. They are part of our mission support team there at CL.

Since both of the girls have been to Peru to visit before, we didn’t have to worry about the touristy stuff. We just hung out, went out to eat when we wanted, varied shifts so we could take naps when we needed, and talked like kindred spirits do (we missed you so much, Claudia!!!). I think the things we will remember from this trip are the Gilmore Girl marathon we started ( a series I love and neither of the two had seen), all the funny things that the kids were doing at this particular stage, riding in the back of a tiny taxi with each of us holding a child in our lap, and praying together one night over things we could openly share about. It was a beautiful time. Those girls have seen me at my best and at my worst as a momma, but I am glad that they can empathize with me a little more when I call them on Skype.

Diane left on Thursday, and Jeannie left Sunday evening (the same day that Greg arrived).

To Jeans and Marlee: I love you girls more than words can express, and I appreciate you and thank you more than you will ever know for the time you took to be here with me. I know you sacrificed to come, and I will cherish the time we spent together for years to come. I can’t wait to see you two again next year on furlough.

Here is our “silly picture” we took right before Diane headed to the airport…


And to see more pictures from their time here, click this link: FACEBOOK ALBUM

Jeannie and Diane Visit 2011

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