Halloween 2011

I really love Halloween, and it really ocurred to me this year that daughter #1 really gets into this holiday. Every year we have lived here we have gone trick-or-treating with a little group of her friends from preschool. We were planning on doing that this year, but two of the three girls attend a school that hosts a big festival and they were not able to trick-or-treat together. Ana was majorly bummed (I didn’t find out the news until the morning of Halloween). She loves getting dressed up in her costume and loading up on candy.

This year Rachel, our teammate, asked Ana if she wanted her to make a costume. Ana told her she wanted to be the mermaid, Ariel, and Rachel made a rockin’ mermaid costume for her! I could not let this day go to waste just because we had no trick-or-treat option so I tried to make it as special as I could. Before lunch the girls designed a giant pumpkin cookie. They decorated it with M&M’s, chocolate chips, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

This evening, we had fun getting ready. I had a blast putting the girls’ makeup on. I have fond memories of my mom allowing me to wear her makeup for Halloween, and I definitely had one of those moments where I felt like I was in my mom’s shoes. 🙂 They knew they were hot stuff and we headed to the roof for a costume photoshoot as if we were about to go out. Cohen woke up and I put him in his costume (actually a monkey coat that my mom bought him). Maggie wore Ana’s old ballerina recital costume. We headed to the living room for the McKinzie Three 2011 Halloween shoot. They were so cute.

After pictures, Cirilo joined us, and we made s’mores on the open flame of our gas stove! We ended the evening with three games of UNO Attack. I think that Ana ended up enjoying her Halloween despite the missing ingredient of trick-or-treating. There are not too many neighborhoods here in Peru that have trick-or-treaters. If we are ever in the states for Halloween she will not know what to do with herself.

I will post the link to all the pictures of Facebook at the end of the post. Here are a few of the kids in their costumes:







Halloween 2011

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