CT—6 months

It has been half of a year since Cohen entered the picture. I cannot believe it. (I know I say that every.single.month.) Lots of changes happened this past month. I am so excited about Month 6 because I think it gets so much more fun from here. Here are some things you are doing Cohenator, and some pictures that will remind us of you at this stage of babyhood…

1. You can roll from back to front or front to back, but you still haven’t figured out the whole roll and roll and roll action. I have a feeling it is coming soon.
2. You still start off sleeping swaddled and with a paci in your mouth.
3. You are getting the hang of your Johnny Jump-up and your activity gym.
4. You absolutely love to be in the standing position. Sometimes you will not allow me to sit you down. I literally have to bend your legs for you or you stay straight as a board.
5. You sit in the Bumbo alot in the kitchen when I am working or cooking in there. You are pretty content watching the action.
6. You know what your high chair is for. You love to eat your solids. You have eaten more foods early on than your sisters did. Your menu list includes: oatmeal, rice cereal, apples, bananas, mango, avocado, pear. You will be trying sweet potato very soon, along with some veges. You eat solids at breakfast with your sisters and at dinner when we eat.
7. You take about 3 good naps during the day. If you wake up too soon, we reswaddle you and place your paci in your mouth. You usually are good to fall asleep from there.
8. You have discovered your voice. You can squawk and squeal with the best of ’em right now. You love attention and use your vocals to get it. You have also started “singing” along when we are with the church.
9. You will not fall asleep in the traditional cradle hold when we are out. You want to be straight up. The best place for you to fall asleep is the Ergo (my baby carrier).
10. You look more and more like Maggie. Also, there is something about your eyebrow line that reminds us of Uncle Collin.
in your activity gym


you still have issues with scratching your face in the night (see your nose?)


what is it with babies and remotes?


I have to put you somewhere when I am doing laundry.


OK, comparison time… what do you think? On the left is Maggie at about 6 months. You definitely have LESS hair. I am seeing it in the eyes and the mouth.


And here are the two of you recently. I can totally see the resemblance myself.


CT—6 months

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