CT—5 months

5 months! Say what?! I cannot believe that we are almost to the half-year mark… increible! I don’t know a cuter 5 month old. He is my little boy, and I couldn’t help but post a photo gallery of him. Gram and Memaw, I hope you enjoy the many “faces” of your precious grandson. We wish we lived closer so that you could see him in person, but these photos will have to do for now.

This is “Sumo” Cohen (how many rolls can you count on his back?)


“Puppydog-eyes” Cohen
“Good Morning” Cohen
“Excited to eat cereal” Cohen
“I can sit up on my own” Cohen
“Still trying to figure out this rolling over thing” Cohen
“Handsome blue-eyed” Cohen
“I love my activity block” Cohen
At 5 months:
1. You are exploring your vocal cords. You have a high-pitched squeal that you have discovered.
2. You laugh and smile a ton more than last month.
3. You still don’t have the greatest night schedule (though I started sleep training and you are no longer eating every 3 hours).
4. You go to bed from 7-8 and get up in the morning around 6:30 am (you are down to waking up twice or three times in between those hours).
5. Bedtime ritual–clean diaper, swaddle, pacifier, “Jesus Loves Me” in rocker (I love that I never rock you to sleep. You fall asleep in the crib on your own).
6. Still taking 3 fat naps a day. Eating every 4 hours now.
7. You are eating rice cereal and oatmeal once a day. We are about to try some new foods.
8. You spit up a TON (like Ana did). You always need a bib if we don’t want to change your whole outfit. I would worry about you getting any nutrients except for the rolls on your thighs. You aren’t hurting.
9. You can situp on your own, but you don’t have the balancing all down quite yet.
10. You eat in your purple bumbo.
11. You grab things and hold on to them much easier.
12. You love the activity block that Maggie got for her first Christmas when she was 5 months old.
13. Ana and Maggie love to make you smile.
14. Your head is covered in peach fuzz (it is all growing in). On the top of your head is really long, fine wispeys. Daddy wants to cut them, but I really like your wind-blown mohawk look.
15. I can no longer leave you in the corner of the living room couch by yourself. Last night, you leaned forward, and rolled off the couch. You cried, but there are no bumps on your head this morning. I felt terrible.
CT—5 months

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