Pat and Joshua’s Visit 2011


We have been excited ever since Pat shared with me over our furough (last Christmas) that he was planning a trip with Joshua. Joshua turned 10 this year and something neat that my brother and sister-in-law do is rites of passage. They have decided that age 10 marks a special trip with Daddy where they discuss some pretty big topics. Since we are here in Peru and Pat has wanted to visit us, they felt it was appropriate to make Joshua’s special trip to Peru.

They decided to make it over the Labor Day weekend so that J wasn’t missing an entire week of school. They arrived early Sunday morning and left Friday evening. It is the shortest amount of time anyone has stayed with us so I was worried that it would go by way too fast, but we ended up doing the tourist thing with them mixed in with some homecooking from Manuela and it was a great trip.

I loved this visit because:

1. I love my siblings so much. It is an absolute delight when I get to spend an entire week with one of them. Pat has always been one of my heroes, and I soaked up every minute I had to spend with him.

2. I am Aunt “Mamie.” Joshua is my first nephew, and when he started calling me by name “Mamie” is how “Megan” came out. Because of this, I am Aunt Mamie to all of my nephews and nieces. He is 10 years old and he still calls me Aunt Mamie. I hope he is still doing it when he is 25. I LOVED being called this all week. Pat and Deborah, you have done an excellent job in training your children. It was made more evident to me in how Joshua acted this past week.

3. I love visitors that want to try new things, especially food. Pat commented that he didn’t have his hopes too high for the food here since he has visited several Latin American countries and not been that impressed. He changed his mind about Arequipa (what many call the culinary capitol of Peru). We ate and ate and ate. (our pictures are the proof)

4. The “tourist thing” gets old after you have lived here awhile, but it had been so long since we’d done it, I really enjoyed it.

5. Cousin time. Ana misses her cousins so much, and we will sometimes find her randomly crying about missing family back home. Joshua was SO GOOD to her. They played and laughed. Maggie was even included in on the playtime sometimes. Also, my brother is one of those fun uncles. He has always been able to make my babies laugh, and it was no exception with Cohen. I loved Maggie walking through the house asking for “Bat.” (Pat)

6. It is so neat to share kingdom work with family. Greg and I really enjoyed our late night talks with Pat discussing new books, authors, church work, vision. What a blessing.

Pat and Joshua, thank you for blessing us. We love you so much. The only way the trip could have been made better is if Deborah, Caleb, and Daniel had been able to come. Maybe one day. We love you!!!

Here is the link to all the pictures:

Click on this line to see pictures on Facebook.

Pat and Joshua’s Visit 2011

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