Almost Perfect Iced Coffee

I love the Pioneer Woman. I haven’t made one of her recipes yet that I have not liked. I love coffee, especially frufru coffees like frappuccinos and lattes. So when she posted a recipe for Perfect Iced Coffee, I decided I would try to make it. Well… the recipe is a little time consuming, and I just don’t have a lot of extra time in this stage of my life right now. I was reading my beautiful cousin Jane’s blog, and she states that she just used her own coffee and added a key ingredient that PW recommends in her recipe.

Yesterday morning, I tried it. DELICIOUS! And I plan to try something that a commenter said on PW’s post. The commenter uses left over coffee to make coffee ice cubes. She then uses those cubes instead of ice cubes to keep the delicious coffee flavor instead of a watered down effect. I plan on trying this but putting it into the blender to make a frap for myself.

This is NOT for the dieters out there. Sorry. But if you are looking for a delicious caffeine high without the cost of StarBucks, this is for you to try. Thanks PW, the commenters on PW, and Jane for a delicious, cheap way to make my own frufru coffee!

First, here is the link to PW’s recipe: Perfect Iced Coffee

Here is my shout out to my cousin-in-law’s site: You and Me


Almost Perfect Iced Coffee (servings: 2)

freshly brewed coffee
ice cubes or coffee cubes
sweetensed condensed milk
2 medium sized glasses

1. Brew strong coffee: 4 cups water, 5 large scoops of freshly ground coffee.

2. Refrigerate for up to 8 hours.

3. Pour cold coffee over desired amount of ice cubes and add 1 Tbsp of sweetened condensed milk (or more). I like to see the coffee turn to a creamy color. Stir well before adding more. It takes a little while for the condensed milk to mix in with the coffee.

4. Kick back and have a ton of energy for the day!

Almost Perfect Iced Coffee

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