MK—2 years old!

“Maggie Kate, how old are you?” “DOS!!!”
MK has had a great 2nd year. I have decided that 12-18 months, they grow out of babyhood, but from 18 months to two, they are little people. Just in the last month Maggie’s talking has exploded. She doesn’t speak very clearly but she has started using words when she wants something and making complete sentences much of the time. Some of our favorite words right now:
cookie = “gook-gie”
bird = “burd”
sun = “nun”
what? = “baht”
Oh man! = Oh man! (so funny)
bubble bath = “bobble baff”
Steph (one of our interns) = “Beff”
wolf = “woof”
Cora/Dora/Manuela = “bela”
Elmo = “Melmo”
Barney = “Awnee”
Toodles (from Clubhouse Mickey) = “Todo”
Today during our team meeting she signaled to Cora with the Peruvian “come here” and said, “Ven, Bela, Ven.” Manuela has predicted that her Spanish will be better than her English. We shall see. She seems to understand Manuela when she talks with her. Isn’t amazing how easily they pick up on languages?!
I thought I would share some pictures to capture our little toodlebug…
so big and tall!
she loves to hang out and read in my laundry tub. She gets all of her books and some toys and just hangs out.
bedtime is 8:00. She shares a room with Ana. Her comfort item is called her Baba. It is the swaddle blanket that I brought home from the hospital when I had Ana. She discoved that there are three total and likes to sleep with all three. She also sleeps with “Baby.”
Maggie now has a strong preference for what she would like to wear. On this particular day she insisted on wearing her butterfly headband (from her 1st birthday). I just love that it actually matched her outfit. Check out those blue eyes.
eating the icing from her cupcakes we made at housechurch
What 2-year-old doesn’t like “Melmo!” (She insisted on wearing this shirt over her dress on this day.)
“Bobble Baff!” She loves taking a bath with AG. It has become a nightly ritual. They could spend an hour in the bath playing if I allow it.
MK—2 years old!

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