High Altitude Cupcakes


Maggie’s birthday is quickly approaching, and I thought I would try a new cake recipe today. I found the cake recipe on allrecipes.com. I made revisions based on a website’s recommendations for baking at high altitude. The icing recipe is one that you must try. It is from the Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen tab–love her!

I made these cupcakes today for our house church gathering. We like to celebrate with dessert if anyone has a birthday in the week. They were a hit. The icing wasn’t the best I have ever tasted (sorry, but cream cheese icing will always be the best), but it was really good. The cupcakes weren’t the best cake I have ever tasted (welcome to high altitude baking). They were a little dry still, BUT they did not overflow in the pan like other recipes I have used. I think I could still work on tweaking this recipe.

They were good enough that I would try these recipes again.

Basic White Cake Mix

(For altitude of 7500 ft: reduce baking powder 1/4 tsp, reduce sugar 3 Tbs, increase milk by 3 Tbsp, increase oven temp by 25 degrees F)


That’s the Best Frosting I’ve Ever Had

You really do beat the tar out of the frosting to get it to be the right consistency, but it works. It resembles whipped cream. Greg commented to me that he thought it even tasted a bit like whipped cream. ummm… whipped cream


And now on to the finished product…


And the girls had a blast adding the finishing touch… the sprinkles.


High Altitude Cupcakes

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