A New Project

My hubby is a manly man. He loves to build things. I absolutely love this about him. In our new home (which I know I still haven’t posted pictures), we have to use our rooftop for storage, tools, and my washing machine. The sun in Arequipa is incredibly harsh to things that sit outside for long periods of time so it was essential that we put some type of protection up there. This weekend, hunky hubby has been working on that solution. I told Ana that he is buidling me a house to escape to when I want some quiet time. 🙂 It isn’t exactly the before pictures. I have caught it in progress, but hopefully you can see the difference when I post the after pictures. Oh, and I was sure to take pictures of the view I have while doing laundry. I absolutely love those mountains. A warm sun plus a cool breeze plus a breath-taking landscape equals a wonderful environment and motivation to do laundry for a family of five. 🙂

coming up the steps and looking over at the wash area


hunky hubby


Volcano “Misti”


the other mountains to the left of Misti


closer up of Misti


A New Project

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