29 and counting

Greg is 29!!!
I am pretty sure he enjoyed his birthday this year. I made Monkey Bread for him on Wednesday morning (to share at our team meeting), we celebrated and went to TGIFridays for lunch on Thursday (picture above), he got a pair of shoes that he requested about 6 months ago, and we went on our first date since Cohen was born last night (Rachel’s gift to him was a night of babysitting–thanks Rachel!). Tomorrow at house church I am making one of his favorite desserts, MK’s Chess Bars, and if you thought we had been eating too much dessert, I am going to use his special day as an excuse to try a chocolate chip cheesecake recipe I have wanted to try for forever (it will just be coming a little late).
I love you Greg McKinzie! I am so thankful to be married to you, and I am glad I can tell people that we are BOTH 29 years old. Here is our picture from our date last night as 29 year olds.
29 and counting

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