AG—4 years old

Anastasia Grace turned four years old on March 23, 2011. I am a little behind on this post if you can’t tell. As my online journal and keepsake I would like to record some things about her at this age.


It has really been neat to see her go to school this year. I knew it would happen, but her Spanish has taken off. It comes so easy to her. What is funny is the book you see below titled “My First English Adventure.” We told her that she better be the best one in the class on that subject. She loves school. She is taking music as her extra-curriculor activity (we bought a recorder for the class). She chose soccer as her first choice and was told by the teacher that it only had boys and they would be too rough. Her teacher doesn’t know her very well. She has homework every day. Our routine is that she arrives home close to 2 pm, changes out of her uniform, eats lunch, and then works on her homework. She is no longer taking an afternoon nap (which is good since Maggie is already in their room napping).


She loves any opportunity to help me in the kitchen. She is really bummed when I don’t let her help with cooking. Here she is after helping mix her birthday cake. She requested vanilla cake with chocolate frosting this year.


She requested the theme of Strawberry Shortcake. Do you like my mad cake-decorating skills? One day I will take a decorating class from my sister-in-law Deborah. Stickers are my best friend. Things Ana loves: Dora, Frutillita (the Spanish for Strawberry Shortcake), Tom and Jerry cartoons, art! (she loves the glitter glue that the Smith’s got her), learning letters and making words, riding on her tricycle, going to the park, running down the sidewalk or anywhere for that matter, a family movie night that must include popcorn, eating ice cream, wearing dresses, and playing with Maggie (if they aren’t fighting). Those are some things off the top of my head.


This past month we visited Judith’s parents’ vineyard. It reminded me how much our 4-year-old loves being outside. She is totally a farm girl (her Pop should be proud). She loved being home on the farm during furlough. She was running through the vineyard, chasing Judith’s niece through an alfalfa field, never caring about the dirt that collected all over her body. The girl loves being outside. That makes us happy.


I had to take this picture. She wears all of her cousins’ hand-me-downs (which we are so grateful for). Besides dresses, this is currently her favorite outfit of all time. She loves to dress herself right now which can be quite a hoot some days. Her school uniform calls for white socks, but she has a favorited pair of Halloween socks that my mom got her 2 years ago that she wears any chance she can get (they are black and orange and she wears them with any color). Ana’s hair is so long and lots of fun to fix (coming from me). She usually has a preference for how she wants her hair. It always cracks me up when she requests to have it like Maggie’s.


The last picture was one that Ana requested I take of her. She is so silly at times. She is a giggle box, and there are times when we have to make her stop laughing (I don’t know what parent she gets this from). We love her little personality. Though at times we have long discussions about respect and listening, she is a pretty good kid. She is still very affectionate toward others and she is very excited about being a big sister to Baby Cohen in the coming month.

Ana Grace, we love you and thank you for four years of parenthood. Boy have we learned a lot with you. We are so proud of you and what you are becoming. It is hard to believe how much you have grown up in these four years. May the Lord bless you and keep you and give wisdom to your parents in this coming year.

AG—4 years old

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