First Day of School 2011

While those of you in the states are getting spring fever and hoping that the last few months of school will pass quickly, way down south (in Arequipa, Peru to be exact), today was the first day of school. Ana was so excited about her first day. It is hard to believe that we have been here almost 3 years and she has been enrolled in a school program from the start. The reason this year is different is because she is with 4 year olds. 4 is the required age by law to begin school here in Peru. She has been enrolled in a preschool the last couple of years and this year is her first time to be with big kids. The school is ages 3-high school.
New things for us this year:

1. We enrolled her in a significantly cheaper school than her preschool. Not because we don’t love her, but because she was with the ritzy kids of Arequipa in her preschool, and we aren’t exactly going for that for her total experience in school. After Greg and I checked the school at last year (and it comes recommended by one of our church members) we decided it didn’t have any major red flags. And to be honest folks, she is FOUR (almost)! When the education really begins to matter we are considering home schooling.

2. We had to buy EVERYTHING. I have never seen a list so long in my life. But today, after dropping her off, we learned that we were supposed to provide a “locker” just for her things. Parents were carrying in decorated boxes. Some brought in large market bags. In our ignorance we had no clue. This happens a lot of you can believe that. 🙂 We will be purchasing a really cool princess market bag in the near future.

3. Ana has a uniform this year. Isn’t she cute? She doesn’t have to wear this sweatsuit everyday so I asked Greg to ask her teacher is there is a requirement (the older kids do have to wear the uniform everyday). Her reply, “Oh, just a plain white shirt.” Do you know how many plain white shirts Ana has? NONE! So I will be making a white t-shirt run when I go for the market bag as well. She is also required to wear white socks and white shoes every day.

4. She goes to school until 1:30 so by the time she gets home, we eat lunch as a family no sooner than 2 pm. This is truly the Peruvian lunch schedule. I was starvin-Marvin today. Eventually I will adjust. Maggie and I are going to start having a large snack time mid-morning.

5. Greg didn’t get there in time today but we have to pick her up early to see what car pooling services are available. We are unsure if anyone has a service to our hood, but the director of the school said it was a possibility and also there is a teacher that lives near us. The cost of the service is cheaper than using the public transportation in the long run. They would pick her up in the morning and bring her home in the afternoon which would be a huge help to us.

That is really all I know for now. I know that this year holds lots of other new things for us. She said she had a great day. She said she met lots of new friends but she couldn’t tell me any of their names. We shall see. I think there are about 10 in her class. Now for picture time!
First day of school smile. (I really like her school colors)


Random, I know, but a look at our snow capped mountains. So beautiful.


Ana’s expression doesn’t exactly capture it, but these two love each other. Maggie missed Ana today. After their naps I sat Mags down by her sister and she immediately layed her head on her shoulder. I couldn’t resist the photo opportunity.


First Day of School 2011

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