Both of my girls are going to be BIG SISTERS!!!
I am just shy of completing my first trimester. That’s right. I am 3 months pregnant. It is pretty easy to keep that kind of secret when I live in another country. However, it isn’t because I could hide it. I started showing with this one at 2 months. I will definitely be Preggo-Meggo for furlough, but that’s okay. My biggest worry was morning sickness, and most of those symptoms are over with now. I DID NOT want to take my trip to the states and not feel like eating. I do think this baby either (1) takes after its Daddy or (2) knows furlough is soon, because I have never craved a grilled-stuffed burrito so badly. I also think I could scarf down a thin-crust pepperoni and jalepeño pizza from Pizza Hut right now (which is definitely a Greg fave).

I want to record that my worst morning sickness moment with this one was when I went to a library event, and our sweet hosts of the library thought it would be nice to share their birthday meal with me. I was getting ready to leave and she brought out a huge plate of the Peruvian delicacy cuy… guninea pig. Try to eat that with politeness when you feel like hurling!

Anyway, the due date is May 5. We are super excited. This was planned, and we told Ana for the first time today. She told me she thinks I am having a little brother for her. We shall see. I have an appointment scheduled for the day before we leave. My doctor told me today that she really thinks she will be able to tell the gender. We have our girl name and boy name picked. We will reveal it when we know. Can’t wait!
Sorry these are blurry, but I wanted family members to see my first pictures. 🙂

crawl position


that sweet little hand. I told my doctor that I could have a 100 babies and still be amazed at these ultrasounds.


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