Mini-Mags Update

Many of you have asked for us to keep you up-to-date on Maggie’s development without the harness. It has been about a month since she had the harness removed and I really thought she would stay in the splits position for awhile. In a month’s time, her leg muscles have strengthened so much. She can now stand with help again (I remember her always wanting to lock her knees standing before she got the harness at 5 months). This morning, I practiced with her on the floor rolling and getting up on all fours. She “crawls.” But it is more of her sitting and shimmying her way across the floor with the help of her hands between her legs. Tonight, for the first time, she layed back, rolled onto her tummy, and tried to go for an object in front of her. I was amazed how quickly she picked up on that from this morning! Also, for the first time this morning, I found her sitting up in the bed by herself. So for now, that is the update.


Mini-Mags Update

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